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2015 Fruit Share Options

Enjoy delivery of seasonal, delicious and nutritious farm fresh organic fruit. Fruit Shares provide an opportunity for you to support small, organic fruit growers and to receive fresh, tasty fruit varieties.

This farm fresh fruit is picked at the peak of flavor, so it’s fruit the way nature intended, full of flavor and packed with nutrients. The fruit in the box is chosen to last over the course of a week or two, depending on the number of people eating from it, some of the fruit will need to be eaten right away, while other varieties will last longer in the refrigerator.

While every vegetable that you receive from Angelic Organics is grown on our Chicago area CSA farm, none of the fruit in the fruit share is. (Vegetable shares do include our own, farm-grown melons in season; see the Vegetable Calendar for details.)  All of the fruit in the fruit shares is organic, but most of it is non-local. An informative newsletter is published with each box to let you know who raised the fruit, how to store it, its health attributes, and perhaps some of the fruit's history. Browse our recent fruit newsletters here.

“What a wonderful addition to your program. The fruits are delicious! Thank you so much for making this available to us.” from a Logan Square shareholder

10 delivery Fruit Share $480:

A typical box of fruit weighs 6-8 lbs. and contains several different varieties of fruit. It is delivered every other week to accompany your vegetable share. Deliveries start in mid-June and end in late October. Only people who have signed up for a Full, Flex or Half Vegetable Share may add a 10 delivery Fruit Share.

Extended Season Fruit Share $96:

Two additional boxes of fruit are delivered in November. Only people who already have signed up for an Extended Season Vegetable Share and a 10 delivery Fruit Share may add an Extended Season Fruit Share.

Fruit Boxes are delivered in a separate box from your Angelic Organics vegetables, and arrive only once every 2 weeks. You must purchase a vegetable share in order to purchase a fruit share.

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