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Farm Team Lead

Please Note:  There is no on-farm housing available; please don’t apply if you cannot commute to the farm.

Please review all the following information prior to applying as well as the general information on the main Employment page and the information in the About Our Farm page. When we receive your application, we assume that all candidates have reviewed the necessary information.



Available from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., typically (Late and early in the season, start time can range from 6 to 9 a.m.). Generally when we start earlier, we leave earlier. Most days during the harvest season are 8 hour workdays.

No breakfast break, so have a hearty breakfast before starting work.

Lunch: 45 minutes (Lunch starts within 5 hrs of when work begins.)

Schedule is variable: Prior to our harvest season, which begins in mid-June, workdays are contingent upon favorable weather conditions--ideal candidates will have flexibility to accommodate the needed schedule. Total hours per week will generally range from 30-57 depending on the time of the season. Early and late season hours may be even less than 30.


Required Qualifications and Skills

We seek individuals who are:

  1. Hard-working

  2. Highly reliable & responsible

  3. Very Communicative

  4. Able to follow directions

  5. In good physical condition

  6. Cooperative

  7. Organized

  8. Self-Starting

  9. Respectful toward organic and biodynamic principles

  10. Receptive to feedback and to making adjustments for work processes

  11. Able to work a flexible schedule and arrive on time

  12. Have reliable transportation

Ideally, employees would also have:

  1. Previous work on a vegetable farm

  2. Organizational skills

  3. Past leadership responsibilities

  4. The ability to communicate in Spanish

  5. Comfort with computer usage and daily access to email

  6. Previous experience driving a Bobcat and/or tractors

  7. A non-smoking lifestyle

  8. Interest in multiple year employment

Possible Work Responsibilities

  1. Greenhouse: seeding, block-making, cleaning, & watering.

  2. Field Maintenance: planting, weeding, trellising, row-covering, & mulching.

  3. Vegetable Handling: harvesting, washing, sorting, bagging, & packaging.

  4. General Upkeep: cleaning, organizing, vehicle & tool maintenance, & inventory.

  5. Leadership: leading harvest and other work crews

  6. Observation: taking notice of field environments, evaluating employee work habits, documenting field activity

  7. There are opportunities to take on additional responsibilities. These include coordinating: the greenhouse, harvest activities, post-harvest activities, and/or cultivation (weeding & transplanting). Further, other team leadership opportunities will be available. Please indicate any initial interest or experience in these areas in the email you submit to apply for the job. Future interest and desire to accept additional responsibilities in these areas should be discussed with the general manager.

How to Apply

Once you have thoroughly reviewed the information provided by our site, we invite you to apply for the position by e-mailing your interest to Please include your name, address, phone number and make the subject of the email read “Farm Team.” In the email, address the following:

  1. Relevant past work experience (specifically any previous experience working on farms or in similar heavy-labor environments.)

  2. Availability to work according to our schedule

  3. Physical ability to do the work

  4. Availability & interest in future years

  5. Applicable past leadership responsibilities

  6. Farming &/or gardening goals

  7. Resume (if you have one)

  8. And, if possible, 3 work references

  9. Please read the following article and include your comments: In Defense of Old Fashioned Training

Hiring Process

We begin greenhouse work in March, however we are usually well staffed during the early part of the season. Therefore, we normally begin evaluating new hires in mid-April to begin work in May or early June. Part-time positions are available during our harvest season from mid-June through mid-November. Often, we conduct a second round of hiring in mid-August as many of our summer workers return to school in the Fall.

We evaluate all candidates who submit an email described above.

1. After receiving an email, we will initiate phone interviews with qualified candidates.

2. Based on the interview, we may schedule a trial work morning.

3. If the trial morning goes well, we invite the candidate back for a full trial day.

4. Candidates for which interviews and trial days go well will be invited back for an extended trial work period of one week.

5. At the end of the 1st trial week, we will evaluate the possibility of a 2nd trial week.

6. By the end of the 2nd trial week, we will make a determination as to whether we wish to hire the candidate for the rest of the season.

Pay Advancement and Opportunities

The starting wage is $9/hour and additional pay is commensurate with additional skills, experiences, and assigned responsibilities.


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