Bridgeport Pickup Information

Site Host

Xuefen Mullins
Shareholder since: 2021
Site host since: 2022

Site Host Contact Information

Preferred Contact: Email
Secondary Contact: Text/Call 312-810-9929

Site Address & Link to Map

3320 S Calumet Ave - Chicago, IL 60616

Pickup Day


Pickup Hours

12:30 pm - 6 pm

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How to Have the Best Shareholder Experience

Directions To Your Site

Our house is located on 3320 S Calumet Ave. It is the fourth red brick building on south calumet Ave and 33rd street. Parking is available on the street. The boxes will be left on the table or shelves under the porch down stairs to the basement. My phone is 312-810-9920.

Alternate Directions To Your Site


Where To Find Your Box

Enter the gate under the porch to the basement and request your farm share.

Where to Return Your Recycled, Flattened Vegetable Box

Return your empty, flattened box to the PVC box storage bin.

Special Requests From Your Site Host

Contact the site monitor before coming if you miss the pick up time.

Be A Good Neighbor

  • Your site host is providing a very generous contribution to your community and to the farm by making this site available. Please make an extra effort to help keep this site clean and tidy.
  • Be sure to check off your name in the vegetable share check list, and in the fruit share check list if you are also signed up for a fruit share.
  • The swap box at your delivery site serves as a trading place--you leave items in the swap box that you don’t care for and trade for something you like. Remember to give others the chance to make a make a trade, too.
  • Be sure to flatten your empty vegetable box and stack it in the designated location for recycling.
  • Please recycle fruit boxes on your own; do not return them to your pickup site.
  • Do not open and rifle through the boxes. The boxes are packed as similarly as possible with great care at the farm.

Thank you!