Angelic Organics Gift-a-Box Program

In Illinois, one in 7 people struggles with hunger.

A recent request to Angelic Organics: “Hello, …I am a low-income senior and rely on food pantries for my food…I live in the DuPage County area and the special Senior Nutritional Program during the summer isn’t offered to low-income seniors in the county…do you ever offer free subscriptions to low-income seniors…please advise…many thanks…”


With Your Help, from Angelic Organics to a Local Food Bank  
Angelic Organics Farm is now offering a program where you can gift one or more of our CSA boxes to those in need. We will provide both the Northern Illinois Food Bank and the Niles Township Food Pantry, an agency of the Chicago Food Depository, with CSA boxes. As a contributor, you choose to which location your gift will be delivered. As always, newsletters will be included with the boxes. Recipients will be encouraged to access the Local Thyme recipe service, since there will likely be some vegetables and herbs in the boxes that they are not familiar with.

Gift Boxes to the Rockford Branch of the Northern Illinois Food Bank

Support for the Diabetes Prevention Program
We will deliver CSA boxes to the Rockford Branch of the Northern Illinois Food Bank in a refrigerated truck early on Friday mornings. The boxes will be distributed that same day primarily to those who are pre-diabetic or diabetic, in support of the Food Bank’s innovative Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). Their evaluation of the pilot program reports…”an impact on reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes by the influence on behavior change. Overall, the Food Bank’s Diabetes Prevention Program proved to be a non-traditional program that spoke to participants and changed behavior that potentially could lower risk for Type 2 diabetes…[The program advocates] fresh vegetables as an important component for managing diabetic and pre-diabetic conditions.” Seems like a good fit with Angelic Organics…

Final Destination of Gift Boxes to Northern Illinois Food Bank
Our CSA boxes will serve either DeKalb or Rockford initially. I have advocated for serving Rockford, since Angelic Organics vegetables are grown in the Rockford area, plus many of our shareholders live in or near Rockford. However, the Rockford Diabetes Program is in its very beginning stage, so I’m not sure how soon our boxes will serve Rockford. I have the impression that with Angelic Organics delivering boxes to the Rockford Branch of the Northern Illinois Food Bank starting very soon, they have an incentive to ramp up a program in Rockford.

My Dad and Diabetes
My dad, Lester Peterson, died in 1969 from complications due to diabetes. I was quite young when he contracted the condition. Soon after his diabetes developed, he wasn’t able to do the farm work like he had previously. I helped out a lot on the farm from when I was 9 years old. (Of course, this was also true for most of my 9 year old schoolmates on their families’ farms, but my dad’s condition put the farm responsibilities more squarely on my shoulders than those of my classmates.)Getting up at 5 every morning to feed and milk the cows, and then returning home after school to repeat the dairy chores, I hardly missed a milking from when I was 9 until I was 20 in 1969. That’s when we sold the cows, shortly after my dad died.During those years, my dad, due to his diabetes, occasionally lapsed into comas, and experienced infections that would take months to heal and often required long stays in the hospital. He struggled to help with the farming throughout this time.

Of course, many advances have been made in the treatment of diabetes since the 60’s, making life easier and longer for diabetics. Still, diabetes is to be avoided, when possible.

nathanpackingThe Program
Click here to learn more about Northern Illinois Food Bank’s Diabetes Prevention Program.

From Long-Term Shareholder, Jeannine Kannegiesser
“As a shareholder of Angelic Organics, I look forward to opening each box of fresh produce during the growing season and deciding how to prepare the vegetables that Farmer John and his dedicated crew have brought forth from the northern Illinois soil they tend so carefully. I love the CSA model and the beautiful and generous way that Angelic Organics implements it. As an employee of Northern Illinois Food Bank, I am aware of the ongoing need for food to help those struggling with food insecurity in northern Illinois. I am grateful that Farmer John is offering the opportunity for friends of the farm to give the CSA experience to our neighbors in need. The Gift-a-Box program will ensure that the farm is compensated for its work growing nutritious crops in a sustainable way and will also increase the amount of nutritious produce available to those in need. – Jeannine”

About The Northern Illinois Food Bank
“Feeding Our Hungry Neighbors in Northern Illinois. Solving hunger by providing nutritious meals to those in need in Boone, DuPage, DeKalb, Grundy, Kane, Kankakee, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, Ogle, Stephenson, Will & Winnebago counties.” Learn more at Northern Illinois Food Bank.

Gift Boxes to Niles Township Food Pantry

From the Niles Township Food Pantry Manager, Tony Araque
“John, thank you so much for your effort and involvement [of] Angelic Organics. The Niles Township Food Pantry would be happy to accept any amount of produce you have available. Our Food Pantry serves on average 3,800 individuals per month. ~ Tony”

Angelic Organics boxes donated  to Niles Township Food Pantry will be delivered in a refrigerated truck to the Niles pantry at 5255 Main Street, Skokie, Illinois, 60077, on Wednesday afternoons.

[The motto] of the Niles Township Food Pantry is” Serving Food with Dignity.”

Learn more about the great work of the Niles Township Food Pantry.

Niles Township Food Bank is an Agency of the Chicago Food Depository
“We have 1 goal, 1 mission. To fight hunger 1 dollar, 1 meal, 1 person at at time, until the day no 1 goes hungry.”
Learn more at the Chicago Food Depository.

Shareholder Box PhotoMore Details and How to Gift a Box

Scope of Gift-a-Box
We can provide up to 300 CSA boxes per week to the hungry. Your gifted box(es) will be delivered at the location of your choice about two weeks after you make the gift. It’s possible that your gift will be delivered later than two weeks after you purchase it, because we may get a surge of gift box orders that we will have to parcel out over more time.

Your Price for a Gifted Box
The CSA box has a value of $40. Your price for a gifted box is $35.

This is a Pilot Program–Your Gift is not Tax Deductible this Year
At this point, your gift is not tax deductible. You are simply purchasing one or more CSA boxes from the farm which we will then deliver to the food bank you choose. We hope that by next season your gift will have tax deductible status.

2016 End Date
Boxes may be gifted up until Sunday, Nov 6, unless otherwise noted. The deliveries of gifted boxes will end the week before Thanksgiving, when our CSA delivery season ends.

Gift with PayPal
Choose to gift one or more boxes to either the Northern Illinois Food Bank or to the Niles Township Food Pantry.

Thank you for your consideration of our Gift-a-Box program.

Farmer John

Gift-a-Box (not tax deductible)