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Vegetable Share Options

Both vegetable share types are the same size 3/4 bushel box. The 17-week vegetable share is delivered every week for 17 weeks starting the week of July 3rd – 8th. The 9-week half vegetable share is 9 every-other-week deliveries starting the week of July 3rd – 8th.

17-Week Vegetable Share
Secure a weekly share of fresh, seasonal organic vegetables and herbs for $646.

9-Week Half  Vegetable Share
Secure an every-other-week share of fresh, seasonal organic vegetables and herbs for $360.

     “I have lost weight without trying over the summer since I am eating the best quality food…”
~ Yelp Review

Extended Season Share Options

Extended season shares are an add-on to a main season share. Extended season shares are delivered after the main 20-week season has ended. Extended season shares start in late October or early November, and end before Thanksgiving. The full extended season share is a weekly share, and the half extended season share is an every-other-week share.

Extended season vegetable shares consist primarily of storage vegetables such as winter squash, onions, potatoes, garlic, carrots, Brussels sprouts and cabbage.

Full Extended Season Vegetable Share — 4 deliveries after the main season ends
Secure a 4-week extended season vegetable share for $120.

Half Extended Season Vegetable Share — 2 deliveries after the main season ends
Secure a 2-week extended season vegetable share for $60.

Your CSA Share Comes with Perks

Your CSA share is not just about the vegetable boxes. We also seek to inform you about your food, about your farm, to include you in our farm community, and to make your shareholder experience convenient.

  • You will receive a pickup reminder email the evening before your box is delivered.
  • Your box comes with Farm News, an entertaining and informative newsletter written by Farmer John.
  • Receive free access to a recipe service from Local Thyme with recipes customized for each week’s box–very popular with our shareholders!
  • Attend a Farm Field Day. Kids love to see how their food grows, especially while on a hayride! Free pumpkins at the Fall Field Day.
  • Pick flowers and herbs from our Shareholder U-Pick Garden.
  • You may log into your account to put your box on vacation hold at least two weeks in advance of its scheduled arrival, and re-schedule its delivery for a later date.
  • You may choose to pack your own box at the farm by logging into your account at least two weeks in advance to change your regular pickup site to Farm on Wednesday Free Choice. This is a great way to have a close-up experience of the farm, the crew, and the pack!

      “Farm News that John composes with each delivery is always heartfelt, insightful and educational…”
~ Facebook Review

     “The recipes from Local Thyme have all been delicious and easy to follow.”
~ Facebook Review


Choose a discount from 0% to 10% to apply to your share purchase when you sign up by Sunday, June 25.

For Your Consideration as a Shareholder
If everyone chooses the biggest discount, it will make it more difficult for the farm to flourish. Remember, the farm needs to repair and upgrade equipment, maintain and upgrade buildings, buy seed, pay labor, pay taxes, buy fuel, maintain the grounds, pay for utilities, distribution, organic certification, insurance. And the farm wants for people who have less ability to pay, to pay according to their budget.

We anticipate (and hope) that those who have more financial resources will choose the smaller discounts, offsetting the higher discounts which will be chosen by others.

     “…the subscription price is so reasonable, especially compared to what you’d pay for the same sub-par, tasteless produce that traveled 1,000s of miles at the grocery store.”
~ Google Review