Soil Block Equipment for Sale from Angelic Organics

Note: All items listed below are sold.

  • Visser soil block maker with block seeder
  • 865 wooden flats designed for soil blocks
  • Two 3 pt Van de Beucken soil block transplanters
  • One self propelled soil block transplanter

Reason for Selling
We have converted our soil block transplant production system to vacuum seeding into winstrip trays. The soil block system produces fabulous transplants. However, we have chosen to replace the heft and durability of seedlings raised in blocks with the lightness and speed we can achieve with winstrip trays and a needle seeder.

Both systems have merit, but I do not wish to maintain and manage two separate systems for greenhouse production and transplanting. The soil block transplanters are not adaptable to transplanting cells in winstrip trays, or I would keep them, as they are reliable, ergonomic and fast. However, I believe they are only suited for transplanting soil blocks.

I prefer to sell as one complete package.

Price: $14,000.

Email John Peterson at email hidden; JavaScript is required

Visser Soil Block Maker with Seeder
The Visser soil blocking machine is in excellent condition. It makes blocks that are roughly 1 1/2” or 2”.

It comes with:

  • Dies and dibbles for either size block
  • A seeding unit mounted on the machine, along with numerous seeding templates
  • Two forks (leaning against unit in photo) designed for handling blocks
  • Manual






865 wooden flats. A flat will hold 120 1 1/2” blocks (8 x 15) or 72 2” blocks (6×12)

2 Van de Beucken 3 pt Soil Block Transplanters

  • Good ergonomics—operators sit upright and place blocks on belt
  • Fast transplanting
  • Easy to adjust transplant depth and spacing
  • Galvanized frames
  • Low maintenance—few moving parts



5 row soil block transplanter, set up for 9” rows, very good condition


Another view of 5 row soil block transplanter


Soil block transplanter in action at Angelic Organics


3 row soil block transplanter, set up for 18” rows, very good condition


Another view of 3 row soil block transplanter


Transplant spacing chart adhered to transplanter


16 extra sprockets for the block transplanters, to achieve a wide range of transplant spacings


Extra belts for the transplanters (4 of the belts are new)

Self-Propelled 5 Row Soil Block Transplanter (brand unknown)


Needs work but I believe it could be pressed into service (We have never used it.)