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Little Songs
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"Little Songs" by Lesley Littlefield

The Music of Lesley Littlefield. Sample some songs! (MP3 format)

01. Bug Song
02. Purple Maple Tree
03. Lucy and the Barefoot Girls
04. The River Song
05. Chickadee Farm
06. Rollin' Stroller Bandit
07. Back and Forth
08. Prosimian
09. Buttery Jingle
10. The Geologist Song
11. He Talks To Animals
12. Billowbrox Tan
13. Confidence Communique
14. Oranginess
15. The Stupid Song
16. The Farmer John Song
17. The Shower Song
18. I'm Loving You

Buy the Family Friendly Version of "Little Songs."

For the Unabridged Version of "Little Songs," visit www.LesleyLittlefield.com.

Contact Lesley at Lesley [at] AngelicOrganics.com

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Lesley Littlefield Music Videos

The Farmer John Song
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The Bug Song
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Lesley Littlefield’s Little Songs CD/DVD features a collection of farmy and frolicsome songs on topics ranging from farming and animals to geologists and even oranginess. Also included are Lesley’s "Bug Song" music video (as seen in the hit documentary film The Real Dirt On Farmer John) and the "Farmer John" music video, both starring Lesley Littlefield and Farmer John.

"For tykes and sages alike!" – Lobo, journalist, Nashville, TN

About Lesley Littlefield:

Singer-songwriter Lesley Littlefield joined Angelic Organics as a fieldworker in 2001. After living for a year in Russia, she moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to become Farmer John’s biographer and writing consultant. In early 2005, with John’s support and creative input, Littlefield completed her first CD/DVD, Little Songs, which features her lively, provocative music and two music videos. Her "Bug Song" and Bug music video are highlighted in Taggart Siegel’s recent award-winning documentary film The Real Dirt on Farmer John. Lesley now resides in San Francisco where she continues to write and perform her music and work on Angelic Organics creative projects.

To learn more about Lesley, visit Lesley’s website.


Includes 1 CD and 1 DVD
19 Songs
2 Music Videos
Fun DVD Extras


"In her genre-bending CD/DVD debut Little Songs and Little Songs Unabridged, Lesley Littlefield masterfully paints wise and witty portraits for both tykes and sages alike using her pallet of colorful lyrics, vocal quality of a gentle breeze, and acoustic instrumentation including folk guitar, sweet pennywhistle, haunting violin, and juke-joint oud. Quirky caricatures unfold while this sprite of a song-smith pays homage to 17th-century folk ballads and at times even evokes the musical styles of Patsy Cline and Joni Mitchell. Littlefield leaves this fly on the wall buzzing "Bravo! Bravo!""
~ Lobo, journalist, Nashville, TN ~

"Littlefield is an inventive storyteller who distills her experiences down to their essence, setting them amidst enchanting melodies and instrumentation. When listening to her songs, one might think musical theater, or folk, or "Wow, what is this?" It’s the songwriter herself, and her very unique way of seeing the world."
~ Emogene Truffaut, writer, New York ~

"Lesley Littlefield's songs and videos are little scripts peopled with actors who play specific roles and have their distinct personalities. Her matchless perspective on life is accompanied by a sense of humor and disarming innocence. Her vignettes are musical snapshots, conjuring unique, miniature worlds that create a lasting impression. You never know what image or sound is going to confront and surprise you around the next bend."
~ Tim Hazell, multimedia artist, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico ~

Listener Comments:

"Lesley, when you sang in the Santa Ana, opening for John and his fine piece of work, I enjoyed your music, as did 99.9% of the audience, so, sure, get lessons from the Italian Tenors, and the Most Beautiful Shannon, but, know that you have to keep what you have that is so fine. You touch this heart with your voice. Just keep writing and singing, girl. You mesmerize, baby. ~ Tom Frazee, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico ~

"I love your CD! I listened to the entire thing. You really pull your character into your music…I love it. I am going to buy another copy for a good friend who I am sure will appreciate it as well!"
~ Riddhi Doshi, Angelic Organics Farm Shareholder, Chicago ~

"I've been wandering around for the last two weeks with Lesley’s songs in my head, and just half an hour ago as I was walking into the library I was whistling the opening part to "The Bug Song." This CD is my new favorite!"
~ Former Angelic Organics farmhand ~

"Lesley, I'm GUSHING with pride for you right now. I think back to the day in my dorm when I PLEADED with you to go to the play 'try-outs' because you seemed soooo shy of putting yourself out there. AMAZING deary to hear your work—such splendidness indeed. Your musicianship is absolutely fab-u-louso!"
~ Shelby Laubhaun, eco-educator, Chesapeake Bay ~

"Why am I feeling this way, listening to your music? I get so emotional. You have the most ruthless gentleness, the most insidious guilelessness, the most aggressive innocence."
~ Dean Mermell, filmmaker, San Francisco ~

"I love "The Bug Song" and "The Farmer John Song". It’s awesome how seriously environmental they are, but with such an innocent whimsical tone. Genius. I have never heard anything like it, and I listen to a lot of music. The closest thing I can compare it to is the joyousness of They Might Be Giants crossed with the seriousness of Suzanne Vega. They also have that singing/spoken word quality that Lesley does so well."
~ Adam Strom, student, Cleveland ~

"I have become quite fond of Lesley's CD. She's my new crush, actually. I watched the DVD on Tuesday night and laughed my head off, again. I imagined your farmer neighbor watching your filmmaking process through binoculars—especially the parts where you're chasing Lamrod with the Rotovator, and when Lesley spooks the cows whilst wearing her bee costume, and when you've got helicopters and smoking, overturned cars in the fields, and slow motion, driverless Allis G’s—those are the parts that make me laugh the most."
~ Cindy Mom, Midwest ~

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