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Customizable CSA Shares Are Still Available

Sign up for a 2021 Angelic Organics Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share, customized to your preferences, while we still have shares available. With a pre-season payment, you purchase a “share” of our 2021 summer and fall harvest, thus becoming a shareholder.

This is an especially important time to keep you and your family healthy. Our organic, immune boosting vegetables and herbs can assist you in this goal.

Free Home Delivery through Monday, May 17th–Save up to $288

We normally charge $12 per home delivery; however, through Monday, May 17th, you can sign up for free home delivery! Home delivery will automatically be free at checkout through Monday, May 17th. Home delivery is available in Chicagoland. Visit out home delivery page to learn more. (This offer cannot be combined with another offer, and this offer does not apply retroactively to shares already purchased.)

Last fall, we completely prepared our fields for 2021 with compost and cover crops. We are ready to go. 

Farmer John with last fall’s cover crops in the background

The Farm this Winter

Amongst our many winter projects this year, we did a major upgrade of our greenhouse. It has reminded us that everything relates to everything. Read about it in a recent winter edition of Farm News, Farmer John Writes: The Thaw and Your Share.

the garlic is off to a fabulous start

New: Gift a 2021 Angelic Organics CSA Share to Your Loved Ones

You can now gift a 2021 CSA share to your loved ones. Visit our gift share page to learn more.

Our 2020 Growing Season Was Abundant

Our 2020 crops were splendid—great yields and great quality. Our shareholders have been expressing praise and gratitude like never before.

My 4 year-old and I keep meaning to send a letter on behalf of the rest of our family, but life keeps getting in the way so we are sending an email instead! This is our first time with Angelic’s CSA and we are loving it a lot. Reading Farm News has become a weekly family event and we have been really enjoying the variety of our box…despite YEARS of disliking dill, we’ve realized that we’ve never had REAL dill the likes from Farmer John’s fields. Thank you all, for your hard work and for keeping us healthy and happy!
     ~ Angelic Organics Shareholder Helen

Mid-November Arugula Harvest

Especially Important about Your 2021 Early Share Purchase

Last spring, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, we sold out of 2020 shares astoundingly fast. Recently, there is uncertainty about Covid—hope because of the vaccines and fear because of the new strains of Covid.

Regardless of what happens in the global food supply chain, by purchasing your customizable CSA share for the 2021 season now, you have the security of a steady supply of local, fresh, organic vegetables from early June 2021 through October, and even later in 2021.

I love my box! It’s like Christmas every time I receive it. I look forward to the season every year. The flavor and color of your veggies – particularly your cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots – is off the charts and noticeably better than even the best organic produce in stores. The freshness is incredible. So crisp!
     ~ Angelic Organics Shareholder

Food Safety and 2021 COVID-19 Protocols

Our food safety protocols for 2021 will follow recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control to offer protection against COVID-19. These protocols will apply to our growing, packing, and delivery practices, and also to shareholders who pick up their shares at our delivery sites.

As the 2021 delivery season nears, we will post our updated COVID-19 protocols on our website according to the latest recommendations from the CDC.

Click here to learn about our 2020 COVID-19 protocols.

Angelic Organics Will Feed You and Connect You to the Earth

It is important to understand how our CSA program works; it is more than a seasonal supply of vegetables and herbs provided to you during the growing season. Our CSA program also gives you a relationship to the farm that grows your food–its weather, workers, soil, buildings, and equipment. By being a shareholder of our farm, you will enrich your relationship with the earth.

We’re still finishing up our veggies from this season and I wanted to send a big thank you for feeding and nourishing us this year! I’m always so grateful, week after week. Getting fresh veggies is so life and joy-giving to me, and I relish reading the weekly farm news.
      ~ Angelic Organics Shareholder Katie

Don’t worry–you won’t be helping with the farm work. We just want you to take an interest in how the farm grows your vegetables.

The Unfolding Season

(Slideshow below contains photos taken before the pandemic.)

Greenhouse, Spring

Eggplant Seedlings, Spring

Transplanting Choi, Spring

Beet Transplants, Spring

Scallions, Early Season

Lettuce, Early Season

Spinach, Early Season

Baby Greens Harvest, Early Season

Watermelons, Mid-Season

Heirloom Tomatoes, Mid-Season

Young Sweet Corn, Mid-Season

Sweet Corn Harvest, Mid-Season

Ready to Eat, Mid-Season

Garlic, Mid-Season

Carrots, Late Season

Washing Carrots, Late Season

Cabbage, Late Season

Potato Harvest, Late Season

Spaghetti Squash Harvest, Late Season

Beets, Late Season

Winter Squash Harvest, Late Season

Field Day, Late Season

See You Next Year

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Please know that as a CSA shareholder, you will be eating with the seasons. Familiarize yourself with this seasonal aspect of our CSA at What’s in the Box?

If you are not already familiar with Community Supported Agriculture, please familiarize yourself at our page What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Wondering Where We Deliver?

If you live in Chicagoland, we probably deliver to a pickup location near you. You may search by zip code here to find your nearest pickup location.

Home Delivery

You can now receive home delivery managed directly by our farm. Your deliveries will be made directly from our farm by our trained, courteous driver in a refrigerated van. Learn more about how our home delivery service works on our home delivery page.

We will be Using the CSAware Share Customization Platform in 2021

In 2021, our CSA management platform will be CSAware, a service of LocalHarvest, which was founded 10 years ago by longtime CSA advocate Guillermo Payet.

The CSAware Platform Will Offer a Range from No Share Customization to Full Share Customization

Our shareholders have indicated a wide range of opinions regarding share customization, from strongly preferring our original system of no share customization–the surprise box, or what is also known as farmer’s choice–to strongly preferring total share customization.

We Want to Please All of Our Shareholders

Through CSAware, we will still be offering customized shares, and also farmer’s choice shares in 2021. The amount of customization or non-customization you receive will depend on how you enter your product preferences in your account. The name of the share will be the same for everybody–2021 Vegetable Share–but how you enter your preferences (or don’t) will determine the amount of customization your share will receive.

Remember, everyone will receive the same share type, but the range of customization, from full to none, will be up to you.

Features of the CSAware Platform

  • Customize your vegetable share by rating the vegetables we grow according to your preferences, or don’t enter any vegetable preferences, and you’ll receive a farmer’s choice share
  • You have the option to adjust your box contents prior to each delivery
  • Leave out items you don’t want; add in items you want
  • Buy extra vegetables and herbs from our farm
  • Reschedule your deliveries 
  • Change your delivery location 

We have enjoyed our boxes tremendously; it has been so helpful to customize, and also to know in advance what we are receiving. We are proud to be members of the Angelic Organics CSA, and I’m glad we signed up for 2020.
     ~ Angelic Organics Shareholder

Angelic Organics Vegetable Shares

  • We grow all of the vegetables and herbs in our vegetable shares on our organic farm in Caledonia, Illinois. Our vegetables and herbs are certified organic, and local to the Chicago and Rockford regions. We also farm using biodynamic methods.
  • Customized vegetable shares are available as either 20 weekly or 10 every-other-week deliveries, from early June through late October.
  • Both weekly and every-other-week vegetable shares are the same size 3/4 bushel box. (The fullness of your box depends on your vegetable and herb selections.)
  • Learn more about our vegetable shares here: What’s In The Box?

Early Summer Vegetable Share

The Add-On Organic Fruit Share

  • You can add an organic fruit share to your vegetable share. While every vegetable that you receive from Angelic Organics is grown on our farm in Caledonia, Illinois, none of the fruit is (though our vegetable shares do include melons that we grow here at Angelic Organics).
  • The fruit share is available as 10 every-other-week deliveries from mid June until late October.
  • Please note that unlike the customized vegetable share, the fruit share is not customizable.
  • Learn more on our fruit share page.

Sample Fruit Share

Angelic Organics CSA Share Pricing

20-Week Vegetable Share

  • starts the week of June 14th, 2021
  • weekly delivery
  • $800

10-Week Vegetable Share

  • starts either the week of June 14th or June 21st, 2021
  • every-other-week delivery
  • $400

4-Week Extended Season Vegetable Share

  • 4 more deliveries after the main season has ended
  • weekly delivery
  • only available as an add-on to a main season vegetable share
  • $160

2-Week Extended Season Vegetable Share

  • 2 more deliveries after the main season has ended
  • every-other-week delivery
  • only available as an add-on to a main season vegetable share
  • $80

10-Week Fruit Share

  • starts either the week of June 14th or June 21st, 2021
  • every-other-week delivery
  • only available as an add-on to a main season vegetable share
  • $500

2-Week Extended Season Fruit Share

  • 2 more deliveries after the main season has ended
  • every-other-week delivery
  • only available as an add-on to a main season fruit share
  • $100

We Would Love to Grow Your Vegetables and Herbs

We hope you will join our farm for a culinary adventure, a cultural experience, and a rich connection to the land.

 …the subscription price is so reasonable, especially compared to what you’d pay for the same sub-par, tasteless produce that traveled 1,000s of miles at the grocery store.
    ~ Google Review

Ready to Sign Up for Your 2021 Angelic Organics CSA Share?

Undecided about purchasing a 2021 CSA share? Keep reading to learn more. 

From 2020 Farm News, Week 14, Farmer John Writes About a Fortune Teller:

Regarding Covid-19 in the future, there might be another flare-up, another major shutdown of the economy, more restrictions than ever…might not…I do not know. I do know, however, that if another wave of more fear materializes, Angelic Organics will be under enormous pressure to provide food for the community, and we will sell out of 2021 shares in very little time. 

If you decide to purchase a 2021 CSA share, you are preparing for a future in which you will eat fresh from your local, organic farm. It’s a future that will probably unfold, given that we have been growing vegetables and herbs for our shareholders for the past 31 years. 

Whether it is a future in which there is a breakdown of the national food supply, it seems unlikely, but I do not know. I do know that the more shareholders who sign up for 2021 now, the better prepared you and the farm will be for what the future might hand us in the upcoming year.

A Future We Can Plan On

In order to mitigate future losses from incessant rains like we experienced in 2017, 2018, and 2019, we installed a subterranean drainage (tiling) system throughout all of our low-lying land in 2020. This was a huge and necessary investment in the future for our shareholders. Learn more in Farm News, Week 17, Farmer John Writes: Controlling the Weather (Sort of).

Thank your for your persistence the last three years despite rains…and thank you for your persistence and the bountiful season this year.
     ~ Angelic Organics Shareholder

Thank You for Your Interest in Angelic Organics

When you sign up for the 2021 growing season, your support will help us to plan ahead, to take good care of our farm team, and to make infrastructure repairs and equipment upgrades. Your support helps the planet to recover from the inundation of toxic chemicals via conventional farming. And, being a shareholder ensures your family a steady supply of healthy, locally grown vegetables and herbs for your kitchen. 

We know that people today are being offered many alternatives to the CSA model. However, only Community Supported Agriculture can bond you to an individual farm for you to know and cherish. Our mission is to provide you not just with food, but also with a farm that you can hold in your heart. 

Sign Up for Your 2021 Angelic Organics CSA Share

Still Undecided about Purchasing a 2021 CSA Share? Learn Even More.

The more you learn about our farm and Community Supported Agriculture, the more informed you will be about whether to join our farm. The following are more ways upon which to base your decision.

  • Feature documentary film about Angelic Organics, The Real Dirt on Farmer John, fifty years in the making, winner of 31 festival awards. Learn about your farm and your farmer from the comfort of your home.
  • Read past issues of Farm News
  • 400 five-star reviews (4.8 average rating) on FacebookYelp and Google.
  • More than 40 community delivery sites throughout Chicagoland
  • Home delivery to many zip codes in Chicagoland
  • Two popular free Farm Field Days per season–kids love these!
  • Free U-pick garden of flowers, herbs and beans
  • In business since 1990
  • Managed by Farmer John, who has 60 years of farming experience on the same farm
  • Great long-term fertility program which enhances carbon sequestration
  • USDA certified organic
  • Ample infrastructure and machinery to accommodate most weather woes
  • Educational programs through the Angelic Organics Learning Center
  • Check us out on Facebook

I love this CSA! Always fresh produce, great value for your money, and lots of convenient pick up locations throughout Chicago.
     ~ Yelp Review

Now Offering Wellness Partnerships with Workplaces and Places of Worship!

We are now offering partnerships with workplaces and places of worship to provide customized farm shares delivered directly to your workplace or place of worship. If you think your company or spiritual community might be a good fit for our program, learn more at Angelic Organics Workplace and Worship Wellness Program.

Why Join Our Farm?

There are numerous ways that you can receive your vegetables and herbs today. Explore the many reasons why you will benefit from being a shareholder of Angelic Organics here: Why Join Our Farm?

Angelic Organics CSA or Meal Kit Delivery?

We offer many features unavailable with meal kits. Learn more about these features at Angelic Organics CSA or a Meal Kit Service?

We love love love this CSA! We’ve been members of many before, including in the Central Valley of California, and Angelic is the best.
     ~ Google Review

If you have done all the suggested research above about CSA and our farm, you are now thoroughly prepared to decide if you want to join our CSA for 2021.

We hope you join us.

Farmer John

Sign Up for Your 2021 Angelic Organic CSA Share