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New for 2019–Receive a Vegetable Share Fresh from Our Farm Customized to Your Preference!
We have partnered with Harvie, a farm share customization platform, to offer customized vegetable shares starting in 2019. Receive more desired items in your box and no unwanted items—more food enjoyment; less food disappointment; less food waste!

This is the first truly major change in our Community Supported Agriculture program since we started our CSA in 1990—back when we were one of the sole sources of fresh organic vegetables in Chicagoland.  

Luminous Lettuce at Angelic Organics

CSA Day Special: Sign Up by Friday, February 22, and Save 10%!

In honor of National CSA Day on Friday, Feb 22, save 10% on any farm share purchase with code CSADAY2019. Save up to $184! Offer expires at midnight on Friday, Feb 22.

Plus, When You Pay in Full, Receive up to $50 Worth of Free Vegetables

With our new customized shares, besides receiving your regular share tailored to your wishes, you can buy extra vegetables that we have in surplus that week.

  • Purchase a farm share for over $500 by CSA Day, Friday, Feb 22, pay in full, and we’ll credit your account with $50 for the purchase of additional vegetables over the course of the season.
  • Purchase a share for under $500 by CSA Day, Friday, Feb 22, pay in full, and we’ll credit your account with $25 for the purchase of additional vegetables over the course of the season.

After you sign up and pay in full, we’ll make sure to credit your account with the $25 or $50 credit. The credit won’t happen automatically; we’ll do it manually.

You don’t have to pay all at once. You can pay over time through the Harvie payment plan. However, if you pay over time, you’ll have to pay for any of the surplus vegetables we offer during the course of the season.

Join Our New Harvie Farm Share Program and You Can:

  • Customize the vegetables and herbs you get in your box. Select your preferences at sign-up and then customize your delivery each week based on our harvest.
  • Reduce food waste because you are getting what you want
  • Know the exact dates of your delivery schedule as soon as you sign up
  • Reschedule your delivery or change your delivery location up until 3 days before delivery
  • Receive recipe suggestions, storage tips and food prep resources customized to your box
  • Be part of a large Facebook group for Harvie members
  • Order extra products from our online farm store
  • Receive buying credits for “extras” through our member referral program
  • Pay in full or pay over time–whichever works for you
  • Enjoy outstanding customer support from the Harvie team

Learn more about the exciting attributes of Harvie.

Early Summer Bounty

Angelic Organics Offers Many Features in Addition to Harvie:

  • Popular weekly editions of Farm News during the delivery season written by Farmer John
  • More than 40 community delivery sites throughout Chicagoland
  • Home delivery to over 390 zip codes within 45 miles of Chicago
  • Two popular free Farm Field Days per season–kids love these!
  • Free U-pick garden of flowers, herbs and beans
  • In business since 1990
  • Managed by Farmer John, who has 60 years of farming experience on the same farm
  • Great long-term fertility program which enhances carbon sequestration
  • USDA certified organic
  • Ample infrastructure and machinery to accommodate most weather woes
  • Educational programs through the Angelic Organics Learning Center
  • Feature documentary film about Angelic Organics, The Real Dirt on Farmer John, fifty years in the making, winner of 31 festival awards. Learn about your farm and your farmer from the comfort of your home.

Vegetable Share Options and Pricing

  • 20 weekly deliveries or 10 bi-weekly deliveries
  • 3/4 bushel box (equivalent to about 1 1/2 paper grocery bags)
  • Starts in June
  • $40 per box (save 10% when you sign up by Friday, Feb 22 with code CSADAY2019)

We also offer extended season vegetable shares and fruit shares. Visit our Harvie signup page for more information on our share types.

Feeding Chicagoland Since 1990

Greenhouse, Spring

Eggplant Seedlings, Spring

Transplanting Choi, Spring

Beet Transplants, Spring

Scallions, Early Season

Lettuce, Early Season

Spinach, Early Season

Baby Greens Harvest, Early Season

Watermelons, Mid-Season

Heirloom Tomatoes, Mid-Season

Young Sweet Corn, Mid-Season

Sweet Corn Harvest, Mid-Season

Ready to Eat, Mid-Season

Garlic, Mid-Season

Carrots, Late Season

Washing Carrots, Late Season

Cabbage, Late Season

Potato Harvest, Late Season

Spaghetti Squash Harvest, Late Season

Beets, Late Season

Winter Squash Harvest, Late Season

Field Day, Late Season

See You Next Year


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We have garnered 400 five-star reviews (4.8 average rating) on FacebookYelp and Google.

We love love love this CSA! We’ve been members of many before, including in the Central Valley of California, and Angelic is the best.
~ Google Review

Learn More About Community Supported Agriculture

To learn more about how CSA works, go to What is CSA?

Why Join Our Farm?

There are numerous ways that you can receive your vegetables and herbs today. Explore the many reasons why you will benefit from buying a farm share from Angelic Organics here: Why Join Our Farm?

Angelic Organics CSA or Meal Kit Delivery?

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We Would Love to Grow Your Vegetables and Herbs

We hope you will join our farm for a culinary adventure, a cultural experience, and a rich connection to the land.

 …the subscription price is so reasonable, especially compared to what you’d pay for the same sub-par, tasteless produce that traveled 1,000s of miles at the grocery store.
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