Farmer John on Glitter & Grease:
Short Stories On and Off the Land

Farmer John on Glitter & Grease: Short Stories On and Off the Land begins with an account of John watching his beautiful log home burn.

(To learn what led up to this fire and the resurrection of his farm, see John's autobiography, I Didn't Kill Anyone up Here.)

Farmer John on Glitter & Grease is a collection of John Peterson's personal and published stories about his life and his community supported agriculture (CSA) farm, Angelic Organics. Insightful and often humorous, John's writing welcomes the reader into a world where farmer and land intersect, richly depicting and clarifying the physical and spiritual bonds forged over time between farmer and farming. He writes the life he lives, using playful, lyrical, and succinct language to express his farm, his work, and the mayhem and ecstasy caused by his unbreakable connection to the land. The stories also capture John's life off the farm, embracing the fun, the romantic, the sorrowful and the absurd—from Mexico to Russia, from New York City to San Antonio, from Europe to Australia.

John not only rejoices in the hard-won rebirth of his family farm and its ongoing success and abundance; his stories also invite readers into his unique social environment as a farmer, writer, and performer. The stories show how art, imagination, and diligence are folded into the community, buildings, and soil of Angelic Organics and John's world beyond. Farmer John on Glitter & Grease ends many years later with Farmer John ironically leaving his farm behind again, this time to go forth into the world to share his extraordinary story with others.

(Note: Farmer John's narration of the film The Real Dirt on Farmer John is excerpted in part from Farmer John on Glitter & Grease.)

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To learn more yet about John Peterson's life and what lead to the founding of Angelic Organics, read about his upcoming autobiography “I Didn’t Kill Anyone Up Here.”


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