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The Real Dirt on Farmer John
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Farmer John's Cookbook: The Real Dirt on Vegetables
I Didn't Kill Anyone Up Here
Glitter & Grease
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US & Canada Screenings
Note: To host a screening in countries other than the USA and Canada, please visit www.AngelicOrganics.com/intl

Dear Friends of Angelic Organics,

Thank you all for your continued and invaluable support for the release of the documentary The Real Dirt on Farmer John. The film has finished its theatrical release in the USA and is available on DVD for home use as of January, 2008, and can be purchased from the Angelic Organics Farm Store.

If you would like to host an educational Community Screening of The Real Dirt on Farmer John, you must purchase public performance rights.
Proceeds go to help with distribution of the film.

Does your event meet the guidelines for an educational Community Screening?
Here are the Terms of Public Performance Rights.

About the DVD for Educational Community Screenings...

The Real Dirt on Farmer John
Directed by Taggart Siegel

Subtitles: French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, English SDH

  • The epic tale of a maverick Midwestern farmer.
  • 31 Festival Awards
  • Seen by over 10 million people
  • 83 minute version of The Real Dirt on Farmer John.

  • Featuring a Variety of Extras:
  • 59 minute version of The Real Dirt (Ideal length for 1-hour classroom sessions! Not subtitled.)
  • Short films by Taggart Siegel, starring Farmer John: "Bitter Harvest" & "Ember Days"
  • Music videos with Farmer John and Lesley Littlefield: "The Bug Song" & "The Farmer John Song"
  • Photos, Bonus Footage, and Theatrical Trailer

  • VISIT our TALKBACK page to see what worldwide viewers share about our film.
  • LEARN about The Real Dirt on Farmer John.

We especially recommend reading the following pages to help facilitate the discussion after your Community Screening:

Additional recommended reading to facilitate discussion resides in the:

Purchase Methods

  • Credit Card via Paypal: see below.
  • By check: Send checks made out to Farmer John Productions to:
    Farmer John Productions
    2697 Bryant Street
    San Francisco, CA 94110
  • PO by fax: fax to (661) 554-4605
  • For assistance, email Lesley [at] AngelicOrganics [dot] com.


$95 for a one-time screening (50+ viewers)

$65 for a one-time screening
(up to 49 viewers)

$45 (add-on) for each additional screening
(any size audience)

$295 for ongoing screening rights.
Details here.

After community screenings, audience members often want to take home copies of Farmer John's Cookbook and The Real Dirt DVD. If you want to make these available to them, Quantity Discounts are available here.

**We are unable to authorize screenings in the U.S. and Canada that charge admission; however, receiving donations is acceptable.

IF YOU ARE FROM A COUNTRY OTHER THAN U.S. AND CANADA: click here for screening details.

Promote your screening all around town with The Real Dirt movie poster!
Print-quality, 300dpi Adobe Photoshop file CS3 (55 megabytes).

Download here

The DVD -
We ship it to you, You make sure it works, and You return it to us

(You can keep the DVD if you're buying ongoing screening rights)

  • Allow 4-6 days for delivery of DVD in the U.S. and Canada (included with any purchase of screening rights)
  • Check asap that your DVD works in the equipment you plan to use at your screening. In the unlikely event that the DVD doesn't work, we'll need time to send you a replacement copy.
  • After your screening, please return the DVD (postage not included) to:
    Farmer John Productions
    2697 Bryant Street
    San Francisco, CA 94110
  • If you are purchasing ongoing screening rights, the DVD we send you is yours to keep.
  • Have a great screening!
    Promo materials (movie posters, Real Dirt dvd's, Farmer John's Cookbook, and Lesley Littlefield cd's) are available in our Farm Store.

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