Art and Agriculture

Agriculture is an underpinning of our culture. The irrepressibility of life on a farm continually manifests in myriad splendid expressions of life. This glorious unfolding provides us with the sustenance of food, while endlessly nourishing the creative spirit.

As you peruse our AgriCULTURAL Outpourings of Film, Writings, Music, and Children’s Drawings be mindful that our farm, Angelic Organics, is the source of inspiration for the whole range of cultural expression you encounter here, directly from Our Farm to You!

Farmer John in a Movie: The Real Dirt on Farmer John
(feature documentary film about Angelic Organics)

The epic tale of a maverick Midwestern farmer. An outcast in his community, Farmer John bravely stands amidst a failing economy, vicious rumors, and violence. Visit the Farmer John Productions page to learn more about The Real Dirt on Farmer John, our farm’s very own award-winning film!

The real dirt on farmer john angelic organics

Farmer John Writes

Farmer John is more than a farmer; he’s also a writer.  He’s a writing farmer. He’s a farming writer. He writes the life he lives, describing the mayhem and ecstasy caused by his unbreakable connection to the land. If you’re already a shareholder, then you’ve gotten a taste of John’s writing in your weekly Farm News articles and sprinkled throughout your complimentary copy of Farmer John’s Cookbook.  Keep your eyes peeled for John’s next books, Farmer John on Glitter and Grease and I Didn’t Kill Anyone Up Here (both Coming Soon).

You can read some of Farmer John’s AgriCULTURAL short stories here.

Farmer John’s Cookbook

Farm Music by Lesley Littlefield

Lesley Littlefield’s Little Songs CD/DVD features a collection of farmy and frolicsome songs on topics ranging from farming and animals to geologists and even oranginess. Also included are Lesley’s “Bug Song” music video (as seen in the hit documentary film The Real Dirt On Farmer John) and the “Farmer John” music video, both starring Lesley Littlefield and Farmer John.

Farm Music by Lesley Littlefield

Kids’ Gallery

Here at Angelic Organics, we’ve been very pleased and delighted over the years to receive some beautiful drawings of the farm from our shareholders’ children and from children who have come to the farm through an Angelic Organics Learning Center activity.  We invite you to browse through a gallery of these marvelous drawings, and also we invite your children to send in one of their own drawings for us to add to the gallery. (Parents can either photograph or scan the drawings and email the files to us, or send the picture in through the mail and we can scan them in.  Please include a note saying that you’d like us to post the picture in the gallery, so we know that’s what it’s for!)

Kids Gallery