What’s in the Box?

Starting in mid June, every week or every other week, you will receive a ¾ bushel box of farm fresh, certified organic vegetables and herbs customized to your preferences. The volume of the share you receive will depend on how you customize each box. For instance, a bulb of garlic takes up much less space in your box than a bunch of kale.

A weekly vegetable share generally satisfies the needs of two people with a vegetarian diet or four people with a mixed diet.

We Grow the Vegetables and Herbs that You Like to Eat

Once you have signed up for a vegetable share with us, you have the option to rate every vegetable and herb that we grow in your membership account. (If you don’t want to avoid any vegetables, you don’t have to enter any vegetable and herb ratings, and you will then receive a variety of seasonal vegetables and herbs in your share.) 

Also, prior to each delivery, you can refine your choice of vegetables and herbs out of what is seasonably available that week.

What We Grow

These are the vegetables that we typically grow each season (remember that the availability of these vegetables varies throughout the season):

Their garlic is pure GOLD!
    ~ Facebook Review

These are the herbs that we typically grow each season (remember that the availability of these herbs varies throughout the season):


Quality and freshness of your vegetables and herbs are a top priority. The crops are harvested in the fields, then stored in coolers until they are packed in boxes and delivered in refrigerated trucks.

Packing Your Box With Care

How Do We Do It?

You might wonder how we can plan out the boxes in the winter and have these crops ready for you in the right quantities at the right time throughout the season. After all, we are a farm, not a factory; we have many variables to deal with when bringing a crop to fruition.

Timely Greens Harvest

We are a seasoned farm, with almost 3 decades of experience growing organic vegetables. Some of our farmhands and managers have been with us for 15 to 25 years. Farmer John is a seasoned farmer, with 60 years of farming experience. We’ve gotten good at getting things done on time. We have reliable equipment, solid infrastructure, knowledgeable mechanics, excellent machinery operators, competent facilities managers, extraordinary field workers, fabulously productive soil, ample irrigation, established procedures, and detailed plans in place to get things done on time so that the crops are ready in time and in the right quantities to fill your box according to your preferences.

Maybe you think that with all that staff, equipment and infrastructure noted above, that we are a mega-farm, but we’re just a moderate sized farm that is dedicated to getting many things done in a timely way. We are at a scale where we can pay our workers a fair wage, and their hours are reasonable and predictable.


 “The folks at Angelic Organics know how to jazz up each box”
     ~ Google Review

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