Angelic Organics CSA Shareholder Agreement

(Everyone who signs up for an Angelic Organics CSA share must check a box that says “I Agree to these Terms” before purchasing their share in our online store.)

Please read the pertinent Shareholder Agreement carefully before agreeing to it and signing up for your Angelic Organics CSA share. Thank you for taking the time to read our Shareholder Agreement.

Pantry Share Agreement

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This agreement applies to those purchasing an Angelic Pantry Share (preserved vegetables).

  • Each Angelic Pantry delivery will be shipped to you on the last full week of each scheduled month
  • Your Angelic Pantry delivery will arrive towards the middle or end of the scheduled delivery week
  • Angelic Pantry deliveries cannot be rescheduled
  • If you need to change the shipping address for your pantry share, email email hidden; JavaScript is required at least two weeks before your scheduled delivery
  • The Angelic Pantry Share is non-refundable

Fresh Vegetable Share Agreement

This agreement applies to those purchasing an Angelic Organics CSA Share (fresh vegetables and herbs).

I Am Prepared

I have thoroughly familiarized myself with the Angelic Organics CSA program at the main Angelic Organics website.

A Shared Commitment

When I sign up for a CSA share, I dedicate myself to being a shareholder for the whole season, thus providing the farm a secure market — a welcome measure of certainty in the fickle world of farming! The farm, in turn, dedicates itself to me, providing me with a varied, nutritious vegetable diet.

Shared Risk, Shared Reward

The farm does its very best to bring me a beautiful and bountiful box each week, but since the farm’s boss, nature, provides no guarantees — the farm can’t offer any either. One of the principles of a Community Supported Agriculture program is that I share, through my vegetable share, the farmer’s experience of nature’s blessings and mischief.

However, I realize that for over 30 years Angelic Organics has routinely provided bountiful shares to its shareholders.

Seasonal Eating

A primary feature of belonging to a CSA is seasonal eating — I will receive primarily greens in the early season such as lettuce, spinach and broccoli, fruiting crops such as tomatoes, melons and sweet corn in the mid-season, and storage crops such as carrots, potatoes and winter squash in the late season.

Each vegetable box contains a range of seasonal vegetables and herbs, depending on the item preferences that I set in my membership account. (The fewer restrictions I enter in my product preferences, the more variety I will receive in my share.)

I will follow the instructions that are emailed to me about the best way to set my item preferences to ensure that I receive the best variety of vegetables.

Contents of My Vegetable Share

The fullness of my vegetable boxes will be determined by the vegetable and herb preferences that I set in my membership account after I sign up for my share. I will receive boxes with an assigned value, not an assigned weight or volume. For instance, kale will add more fullness to my vegetable box than a similarly priced bulb of garlic.


The farm communicates important information with shareholders via email. I am responsible for reading these emails. I will make sure that emails from email hidden; JavaScript is required land in my inbox and not my spam folder

I will read all emails from the farm and I will thoroughly read the popular weekly Farm News that is emailed to me.

If I don’t read all of my correspondence from the farm and if I don’t read the weekly Farm News, I am not fully participating in the Angelic Organics Community Supported Agriculture program. I will make sure to read Farm News so as not to burden the farm office with extraneous questions.

Bi-Weekly Shares

If I am signing up for any bi-weekly share, I understand that it is delivered every other week.

Rescheduling My Deliveries

I understand that if I need to reschedule an upcoming delivery, I need to do so before 9 am on Thursday the week prior to my delivery by logging in to my membership account. If I’m not able to receive a delivery and I have not rescheduled that delivery in time, I will have a friend or family member pick up my share, or my share will be donated by my site host if I pick up at a community site.

I understand that the farm does not cancel and give refunds for individual deliveries, since the farm has already invested in growing my vegetables.

Pickup Policies

If I am signing up to pick up my share at a community pickup site, I understand that I am responsible for picking up my share on my delivery day during my site’s pickup hours, which can be found in my pickup instructions link. I understand that the farm does not replace shares that I neglect to pick up. I understand that I have the ability to reschedule my own deliveries in my membership account, and that I need to reschedule my deliveries with plenty of advance notice.

If I won’t be able to pick up my share on my pickup day during my site’s pickup hours, I will contact my site host by finding their contact information in my pickup instructions before my site’s pickup hours are over to find out if a later pickup is possible. If I have not made prior arrangements with my site host before the pickup hours have ended, I understand that there is no guarantee that my share will be available for pickup after the pickup hours, and that my site host can donate my box.

Respect for My Site Host

If I will be picking up my share at a community pickup site, I will treat my site host with respect.

“Most shareholders are gracious and thankful, but I have experienced some disrespectful behavior over the years. We are not farm employees. We gain no real benefit from hosting, except the knowledge that we are assisting in creating a beautiful relationship. Indeed, hosting often adds duties to our lives that the shareholders might not be aware of.”

    ~ Longtime Angelic Organics Site Host

If disrespectful behavior is reported at a community pickup site, that shareholder’s remaining deliveries may be cancelled by the farm immediately.

Home Delivery

If I am signing up for home delivery, I understand that my home delivery day will be assigned by the farm, and that until my home delivery day is assigned, my signup will have the status of “pre-order”. The farm will email me to let me know my home delivery day once it has been assigned.

I understand that the home delivery day that I will be assigned will be determined according to the farm’s home delivery routes, and that the home delivery day that I am assigned can be any day of the week. Since my home delivery day will be assigned according to the farm’s delivery routes, I can’t choose my home delivery day.

I understand that the home delivery timeframe is 8 am to 9 pm, and that my delivery can be made at any time during this timeframe.

Cancellation Policy

If you are dissatisfied with your CSA membership, reach out to the farm by emailing email hidden; JavaScript is required. We welcome your feedback and would like the opportunity to make things right.

Since the farm has already invested in growing a whole season’s worth of vegetables for you, your CSA share is non-refundable. However, you can opt to cancel your share and gift your remaining deliveries to the farm or to a friend.

If you move outside of our delivery area, you can donate your CSA share back to the farm or gift your remaining deliveries to a friend. No refunds will be given due to relocation.

CSA shares are non-refundable because we have already committed to growing a whole season’s worth of vegetables for you. This upfront and season-long commitment is a core principle of Community Supported Agriculture.

If I Receive a Substandard Item

If I receive an item in my share that I think is unacceptable due to spoilage or other damage, I will email email hidden; JavaScript is required with a description of the item, a photo of the spoiled item, and the day it was delivered. I will send my email within two days of my delivery.

Additionally, I take responsibility for storing my vegetables and fruit in the appropriate manner that will keep them from spoiling quickly, and I will not email the farm with a spoilage complaint if the spoilage is due to improper storage in my home.


Constructive criticism, tactfully presented, is welcomed by the farm, as the farm is always striving to improve its services to shareholders. I will only offer constructive criticism if I am current in reading farm communications, as my concerns are likely to already be addressed by the farm in its correspondence.

The farm conducts all communications to shareholders with respect. I promise to also conduct all communications to the farm with respect. I know that the farm is on my side and wants the best possible outcome for my CSA experience. I will not be rude, mean or hostile in my communications with the farm.

If I have an issue with my CSA share, I will contact the farm directly at email hidden; JavaScript is required, and I will only go to social media with a complaint as my last resort.

If the farm office considers my communication to be rude, mean or hostile, the farm has the right to immediately cancel my share and refund my pro-rated share price.

Count Me In

I would like to be a shareholder in the Angelic Organics Community Supported Agriculture program. I understand that Farmer John and Angelic Organics will do their very best to provide a bountiful, nutritious harvest as scheduled, and I agree to excuse them for any mishaps or catastrophes that might compromise the quality or quantity of my share.

Thank You

We deeply appreciate your commitment to local, regenerative and organic agriculture. We are grateful to have you as a member of our Angelic Organics Farm community.