Angelic Organics CSA or a Meal Kit Service?

We understand why someone seeking convenient meal preparation would choose a meal kit service. Today, there are over 150 meal kit services in the U.S. alone, feeding millions of Americans every day. Some of the larger ones, such as Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon (in partnership with Martha Stewart) are operating in several countries. Many claim to source organic when possible. Price per meal runs about $8 to $12.

The larger companies have attracted major capital from investors, each striving to be the Uber to America’s kitchens. For more about meal kit services, google to find a gaggle of companies vying to bring meal kits, and even cooked meals, to your door.

Angelic Organics Offers Many Features Unavailable with Meal Kits

In spite of the allure of meal kit services, our CSA offers many features that no meal kit delivery service provides.

 1) A Farm in Your Heart We offer a direct relationship to our local farm. Food does not start at the customer’s door; it starts on the farm. Belonging to our farm will enrich and broaden your culinary adventure. Joining our CSA means that you will experience your meals in a deeper, more connected way with Planet Earth. 

2Your Kids Your kids will learn that food does not come from your stoop, but from a farm. 

3) In Business Since 1990 No meal kit service can compare in longevity to our CSA farm. (Actually, I, Farmer John, have been farming for close to 60 years—on the same farm.)

4) Certified Organic All of our vegetables and herbs are USDA certified organic—not so with most meal delivery services. 

5) Fresh & Local Because of the direct route from our farm to your kitchen, you are assured of freshness. Our vegetables and herbs are typically harvested just a day or two before they are delivered to you.

6) Sustainable Our regenerative organic and Biodynamic farm practices assure you that we are farming sustainably.

 7) Farm News Receive engaging weekly updates during the growing season from me, your farmer, highlighting weather, soil, crew, and place. 

8) Farm Visits You are invited to your farm to see your vegetables grow. 

9) On-Farm Programs Our non-profit partner, Angelic Organics Learning Center, offers myriad programs which will further deepen your relationship to your farm. 

10The Movie You can watch an award winning documentary about Angelic Organics, 50 years in the making, to further connect you with your farmer, your farm and its history. 

11) Value Comparison Receive one CSA box of our vegetables and herbs for about the same price as 4 meals from a meal kit service.

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