Five Ways to Visit Our Farm

1, 2 and 3 Below — Visits For Shareholders Only

As a shareholder, you are especially encouraged to visit Angelic Organics, the farm that grows your vegetables and herbs. There are several ways to visit.

1. Attend a Field Day

We host two Field Days for shareholders per season, on the 3rd Saturday in July and the 3rd Saturday in September. These are great events for kids and adults alike. More details here.

2. Pack Your Own Box

Some of our local shareholders have signed up for a Free Choice program where they select their own vegetables and herbs during our Wednesday afternoon packs between 1:30 and 3 p.m. Maybe you can get away on a Wednesday afternoon to do the same. Farmer John is usually present at the pack, so there’s a good chance he’ll at least be able to greet you then.

In order to qualify for the Free Choice pack option, log into your membership at least two weeks prior to when you want to have your Free Choice adventure. Change your delivery site for the week you choose to Farm on Wednesday Free Choice.

Include a trip to our U-Pick Garden where you will find flowers and beans during the summer. Visit the Angelic Organics Learning Center; say hi to the animals; walk the fields; maybe have a picnic.

Remember to Sign up for the Free Choice Box Pack at Least 2 Weeks in Advance
It is fun to be spontaneous and pay a sudden visit to Angelic Organics. However, we at the farm must know well in advance that you are coming so we can plan our harvest accordingly, and cancel your box delivery to its regular destination. Please don’t call our office at the last minute to announce that you plan to come out to pack your box in the next couple of days. We love to accommodate our shareholders, but we grow and harvest for many people, so we need for our protocols to be respected.

3. Visit the Farm Spontaneously

Sometimes, a shareholder just feels the need to jump in the car and visit their farm. We accept that, but we usually can’t drop what we’re doing and be as hospitable as we’d like.

Include a trip to our U-Pick Garden west of the barns, where you will find flowers and beans in the summer. Visit the Angelic Organics Learning Center; walk the fields; maybe have a picnic.

4 & 5 Below — For Shareholders and Non-Shareholders

4. Attend a Learning Center Workshop

Sign up for a program or a farm tour with the Angelic Organics Learning Center, our non-profit educational partner.

5. Vicarious Farm Visit

Watch the feature documentary film about Angelic Organics, The Real Dirt on Farmer John, available for free on our website: Watch the Movie. The dramatic film spans over 50 years of our farm’s history, has garnered 31 festival awards, and has been seen by millions worldwide.