Chicagoland Home Delivery

Home deliveries are made directly from our farm by our trained, courteous driver in a refrigerated van.

Home delivery is available to Chicagoland, as outlined in blue on this map. However, due to the logistics of our delivery routes, we may not be able to provide home delivery to every single address within the marked home delivery area. Still, if your address is within our home delivery area, chances are very good that home delivery will be available to you. We will contact you in early June if we are not able to provide home delivery to your address, though this is highly unlikely.

I want to say how happy we are with the home delivery service. Thank you for offering the delivery option.   

~ Angelic Organics Shareholder Carla

How our Home Delivery Service Works

We will appoint a home delivery day for you based on your address, and based on our home delivery routes. Since we make home deliveries 7 days a week, your home delivery day can be any day of the week, though your home delivery day will be the same day of the week for the whole season. Sorry, you can’t specify the day of the week when you will receive home delivery, since we need to optimize our delivery routes. The home delivery timeframe is 8 am – 9 pm.

When you sign up for home delivery, you can provide instructions for how you would like us to make the delivery to your home or business, for example: “Bring the delivery to the back door. Ring my doorbell 3 times. If no one answers, leave my delivery under the steps.”

Just wanted to let you know we have been super pleased with our delivery service this year. Our delivery person is always friendly and courteous – he even puts our box in the cooler on our porch to keep things fresh in the summer heat. A+ service. Oh and the produce has been terrific of course. Really looking forward to cooking up the sweet corn tonight!

 ~ Angelic Organics Shareholder Kevin