Shareholder U-Pick Garden

The U-Pick Garden is available at no charge to shareholders and other friends of the farm. This season, there are two parcels of the U-Pick garden—the West U-Pick and the Farmstead Garden.

West U-Pick: Green Beans and Herbs

The West U-Pick Garden is closed due to flooding and the ensuing leaf blight. It might re-open for the Fall Field Day.

* Please walk to the West U-Pick garden and do not drive.

* Please limit your harvest of beans and herbs to one paper bag per family per week.

* By late summer, we anticipate that gladiolas will be in bloom in the West U-Pick garden.

* Printed versions of the map to the West U–Pick, clippers and bags are available in the wash area between the two barns near where shareholders pick up their CSA shares. 

Farmstead Flowers
This season, until the gladiolas bloom, we invite shareholders to pick small bouquets from the flower gardens that are spread around the farmstead. There are many types of flowers in the farmstead gardens which blossom at different times. We will not announce what is in bloom when. Just scope the flowers in the farmstead and proceed according to what is available.

Remember to return the clippers to the station after you harvest.

We hope you enjoy this additional bounty from your farm.

Farmer John