Angelic Organics U-Pick Garden

The Angelic Organics U-Pick Garden is available at no charge to Angelic Organics shareholders, pack volunteers and other friends of the farm.

Seasonal—Generally Open from late July into October

We will generally announce in Farm News when the U-Pick garden is open, but normally consider that it will be open from late July until early-mid October.

What is in the U-Pick Garden?

Depending on when you visit, you might find flowers, beans and herbs in the U-Pick garden.

When Can I go to the U-Pick Garden?

Shareholders and other friends of the farm–come whenever you want, dawn to dusk, any day. No need to notify us. It’s a nice outing.


It’s a nice easy walk west of the Angelic Organics barns at 1547 Rockton Road, Caledonia, IL 61011.

Depending on the year, it will be either a couple hundred feet west of the barns, or several hundred feet west of the barns.

Please do not drive to the U-Pick Garden. If it has been raining recently, you might get stuck. Also, there are sometimes irrigation pipes at the edge of the field that might be hidden in the grass, and you could break one of these pipes.

Bring Suitable Footwear

We recommend that you bring suitable footwear, as the garden might be muddy. 

Park at the Farmstead and Walk to the U-Pick

Park your car along the fence line where many other cars, trucks and tractors are parked.

It is a nice, easy walk.

Find Harvest Gear in the Cooler Between the Two Barns

You can find paper bags and clippers inside the shareholder walk-in cooler marked “South” which is located between the two barns. There is a sign on the door of the walk-in cooler that indicates what is seasonally available in the U-Pick garden.

Please return your clippers to the walk-in cooler.

Important: The paper bags and clippers are on the right as you enter the walk-in cooler which is marked “South” between the two barns. Unless you are a shareholder with a box with your name on it, do not take anything else from the cooler other than paper bags and clippers—everything else in the cooler is spoken for.

Location of Walk-In Cooler For Paper Bags & Clippers + Location of U-Pick Garden

Be Mindful of Your Fellow Shareholders

Please limit your harvest per family to:

  • 3 flower bouquets per family
  • 2 bunches total of each herb variety
  • a full bag of string beans per family

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee what will be available when you visit, even if you write ahead to check. It’s hard to know how much to apportion to each shareholder, because we don’t know how many shareholders will come to pick beans, herbs, and flowers, and, of course, it depends on when in the season you visit.

We hope you enjoy visiting the U-Pick garden.