2020 Angelic Organics U-Pick Garden

***Important: The U-Pick Garden is closed for the 2020 season. The pumpkins and gourds have finally run out, and the flowers and herbs have succumbed to a frost. Thank you to to all of you who came out to visit the farm this season.

The Angelic Organics U-Pick Garden is available at no charge to Angelic Organics shareholders, Angelic Organics Learning Center staff, and other friends of the farm.

1547 Rockton Road, Caledonia, IL 61011.

Park at the Farmstead and Walk to the U-Pick
The U-Pick Garden is about 200 ft west of the barns, easily accessible by foot. Park your car along the fence line where many other cars and trucks and tractors are parked. Walk just past the two barns, turn left for 40 feet or so, then turn right to head out to the U-Pick.

200 feet is a nice, easy walk. Do not drive to the U-Pick Garden unless you have to. 

No Need to Call
Come whenever you want—no need to notify us.

Please Bring Your Own Harvest Gear and Be Careful
Due to the pandemic, please bring your own clippers and harvest container. We suggest that you wear a mask and rubber gloves. We also recommend that you bring suitable footwear, as the garden might be very muddy.

U-Pick Orientation, Looking from East to West
When facing the U-Pick Garden with your back to the farmstead (looking west, the opposite direction of the perspective in the photo above), you will see, from left to right: sage/thyme and flowers.

Sage and Thyme
Find sage in the east half of the bed, thyme in the west half. The sage and thyme are grown for our farm shares. Either or both of these may have been completely harvested for recent shares.

Flowers (in various states of bloom)

Be Mindful of Your Fellow Shareholders

Please limit your harvest to:

  • a nice bunch each of sage and of thyme. Sage and thyme are not always available, due to harvests for farm shares.
  • one or two flower bouquets. Flowers should be blooming until frost.
  • 2 pumpkins and 5 decorative gourds per family

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee what will be available when you visit, even if you write ahead to check. It’s hard to know how much to apportion to each shareholder, because we don’t know how many shareholders will come to pick beans, herbs, and flowers, and, of course, it depends on when in the season you visit.

Check Out the Big Barn, When You Are Here
Explore the kitchen, guest rooms and silo downstairs. Ascend the grand staircase in the former milkhouse and explore the two loft spaces upstairs.  I (Farmer John) have been working on these spaces for many decades. Please remove shoes if muddy. 

enter the big barn through the former milkhouse

You might spot Farmer John when you are at the farm, and he might have time to give you a quick tour of the barn.

U-Pick Maps