Watch The Real Dirt on Farmer John

The Real Dirt on Farmer John offers a positive message to the world of today, a world that is plagued with fear and uncertainty. This epic tale will remind you that, no matter how difficult life seems, redemption might lie just ahead.

We are happy to share with you for free The Real Dirt on Farmer John, the feature documentary film about Angelic Organics and its lifelong farmer John Peterson, directed by Taggart Siegel.

“3.5 out of 4 stars. A loving, moving, inspiring, quirky documentary.”
     ~ Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

The film has garnered 31 festival awards and has been seen by millions throughout the world. Farmer John personally toured 16 countries with the film, presenting it in over 400 theaters.

“A charming, wonderful, and important movie.”
     ~ Alice Waters, Chez Panisse 

We believe that watching this film is the best and most entertaining way for you to get to know our farm and Farmer John. We especially encourage you to watch it if you are considering joining our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

“Inspiring….outstanding documentary…an intimacy unimaginable in most nonfiction films.”
     ~ Kevin Crust, Los Angeles Times

About the Film
Fifty years of film footage are woven into this epic tale of a maverick Midwestern farmer, John Peterson. The story of transformation and renewal heralds a resurrection of farming in America. The Peterson family farm has become Angelic Organics, one of the largest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms in the United States, a beacon of today’s booming organic farming movement.

Al Gore’s Introduction
Watch Al Gore’s moving tribute to the film and Farmer John.

“Unbelievably special — a real and gripping story with insight and humor.”
     ~ Al Gore, Vice President


To View the Film
We suggest that you view this 83 minute film in full screen on the largest screen you have available. Viewing it on your phone is discouraged, as it will seriously compromise the viewing experience, as described David Lynch.

Invite the rest of your family. Make yourselves comfortable. Prepare for a dramatic 50 year journey from innocence through turmoil to redemption. Defying all odds, Farmer John gradually transforms his land into a revolutionary farming community, a cultural mecca, where people work and flourish providing fresh vegetables and herbs to thousands of people every week.


To learn much more about the film, visit our film page The Real Dirt on Farmer John. (Even though the film page needs updating, most of your film related questions can be answered there.)

To buy the dvd of The Real Dirt on Farmer John, visit Collective Eye , where you can also purchase the other two films of the earth trilogy by Director Taggart Siegel, Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us? and Seed: The Untold Story.

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