What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Working directly with you, without the intermediary of stores or wholesalers, gives us the opportunity to provide you with the freshest organic vegetables straight from our farm. This direct farm-to-consumer relationship is known as Community Supported Agriculture, or, most simply, CSA.

What Does it Mean to be a Shareholder?

With a pre-season payment, you purchase a “share” of our summer’s harvest, thus becoming a shareholder. You then receive a weekly box (or every-other-week box) of our freshest, seasonal vegetables and herbs customized to your preferences during the course of our 20-week harvest season, from early June to late October. You may choose to extend your deliveries with an extended season share – two or four additional boxes delivered up until Thanksgiving time.

Becoming a member of Angelic Organics [CSA] was one of the best decisions that we’ve made in healthy eating and supporting local, family-owned businesses.
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Farm Field Day

A Shared Commitment

With your purchase of a share, you dedicate yourself to being our customer for the year, thus providing us a secure market — a welcome measure of certainty in the fickle world of farming! We, in turn, dedicate ourselves to being your farmers, providing you with a varied, nutritious vegetable diet. We also work diligently to connect you to the farm and your food through weekly issues of Farm News and our Field Days.

Their communications are wonderful…
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Shared Risk; Shared Reward

We do our very best to bring you a beautiful and bountiful box each week, but since our boss, Nature, provides no guarantees — we can’t offer any either. One of the premises of a Community Supported Agriculture program is that the shareholder shares, through the harvest, the farmers’ experience of nature’s mischief (and blessings).

Is it possible that I would pay for a share and then not receive a full season’s worth of produce due to bad weather?

Weather woes would probably never rob you of all your vegetables. Our years of farming experience have shown us how to minimize many risks.

We are protected from drought with an excellent irrigation system and through long-term increases of organic matter in the soil, due to cover crops and compost applications. Or organic matter has increased from about 2% to 3% in the last 15 to 20 years.

We are protected from flooding by having the right types of equipment to get critical farming jobs done in short, dry windows of time. Additionally, in 2020, an extensive field drainage system (known as tiling) was installed in our low fields, further reducing our risk of future flooding. Learn more about this drainage system in 2020 Farm News, Week 18, Farmer John Writes: Controlling the Weather (Sort of).

In recent years, increased soil fertility, enhancements in our lineup of machinery, infrastructure improvements, and advances in our growing expertise have increasingly fortified us against adverse weather.

We’ve never had a bad experience with them over the years.
~ Yelp Review

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