Logan Square Delivery Information

Site Host

Vicki WaldenSite host since: 2007

Site Host Contact Information

Preferred Way to Contact: Email [email protected]Secondary Way to Contact: Call 773-269-2129

Site Address & Link to Map

2507 N. St. Louis - Chicago, IL 60647

Delivery Day


Delivery Hours

Projected Delivery Time: 6:38 AM

Directions to the Site

St. Louis is a one way street heading north.

From Fullerton: 2 blocks west of Kimball, head north. This site is located just over a block from Fullerton on the east side of the street.

Where to Stack the Vegetable Boxes

Stack the vegetable boxes on the walkway behind the side gate. . The front of the stacks should be at least 10 feet or so from the gate entrance to give shareholders room to maneuver. It’s a narrow space so stack in one long row against our neighbors cement wall, but not touching the wall.

Where to Stack the Fruit Boxes

Fruit boxes can be stacked under the bay window, next to the folded up boxes and shareholder information area.

Where to Pick Up Empty Boxes

Pick up the empty, flattened boxes from under the bay window.

Special Delivery Instructions

Please be careful not to step on the neighbor’s downspout, which runs along the right-hand side of the sidewalk leading up to the gate.

Please also be mindful of the flowers.