Shareholder Corner

Welcome Shareholders!  Here you’ll find some helpful and entertaining resources to accompany your CSA vegetable and fruit boxes.  Our most important tool for communicating important farm updates to shareholders is the Farm News page, updated weekly during the harvest season.

We’d like for you to get to know the farm and the crew better and to learn about the Learning Center. We’d also like to get to know you better. We want to build the Community in Community Supported Agriculture.  There are a number of ways for shareholders to connect through farm visits.  These include our Farm Open House days, volunteering to work on the farm, attending programs and tours through the Learning Center, and participating in the special Shareholder Hospitality Program.  Check out our Shareholder Visits page for details about these opportunities to come out and see us.

In the meantime, feel welcome, look around the site and connect virtually with the source of your sustenance.  We sincerely hope you enjoy your vegetable experience!

~ Farmer John and the Farm Crew

Try Searching for

Vegetable Recipes With

Google’s New Recipe Search

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Being able to search by vegetable makes it so easy to use up everything in your CSA box!  This is a great resource to augment the tasty vegetable recipes in our own CSA Farm Cookbook.