2016 Pre-Season Discounts For Current Shareholders

We are approaching the end of another great season.

For those of you who are 2015 shareholders, we hope you are happy with your Angelic Organics share this year. We love growing your vegetables, and we hope to have you back next year.

The weather of the past few seasons reminds us that there is increasing climate uncertainty today. In spite of this uncertainty, we are pleased that Angelic Organics is able to deliver bountiful boxes to you on a regular basis, whether we are faced with drought or flood.

We want to make it easier for you to join us with us in 2016 through our special Pre-Season Discounts listed in the Share Options section below.

Inflation…Deflation? Since the government can’t figure out if we are in a deflationary or an inflationary environment, we’ll keep our 2016 vegetable share prices at the 2015 level.

The future is now. We have already prepared our fields for 2016 with lush cover crops. Your early signup helps us to plan next year with confidence. A special thank you to those of you who have already signed up for 2016. Your loyalty means a lot to us.

Seeding Fall Peas for Extraordinary Soil Health in 2016
Seeding Fall Peas for Extraordinary Soil Health in 2016

$25 Extra Savings: Celebrating 25 Years as a Community Supported Agriculture Farm! When You Sign up and Pay by Monday, Nov 2, 2015 receive our extended offer of a $25 discount celebrating our 25th year as a Community Supported Agriculture Farm, in addition to all other applicable discounts listed in the signup form.

Full Share (20-week) Secure a 20-week share of fresh, organic vegetables and herbs for 2016 for $50 off what it will cost next spring. Your cost is only $690, vs the upcoming price of $740.

Half Share (10-Week) Secure an every-other-week delivery of fresh, organic vegetables and herbs for 2016 for $25 off what it will cost next spring. Your cost is only $375, vs the upcoming price of $400.

Flex Share Secure a flex share: 12, 14 or 16 deliveries of fresh vegetables and herbs over the 20 week season. You select the weeks from mid-June through late October to meet your schedule. Just choose 12, 14 or 16 weeks now, and then choose the actual weeks for your preferred deliveries in May of 2016. Your cost is only $38 per box, vs the regular price of $40.

An Angelic Organics Late Summer Share
An Angelic Organics Late Summer Share

Fruit Share We expect that ten-delivery fruit shares will go from the current $480 up to $500 in 2016. You can sign up for fruit now for a savings of $4 per box.

Home Delivery Angelic Organics heavily subsidized the promotional rollout of home delivery in 2015. The value of this service is $12 per delivery. You can sign up for home delivery at discounted rates this fall.

Through Monday, Nov 2: If you sign up for a vegetable share only, the cost is $8 per delivery; if you also purchase a fruit share, the cost is only $6 per home delivery of both shares.

Receive Big Savings When You Sign Up and Mail by Monday, Nov 2.  Sign up and mail this form and your payment by Monday, Nov 2 (Sorry, our online service, Member Assembler, is not yet set up for 2016 signups.) If you have questions, call Shelly weekday mornings at 815-389-2746 or email her at csa@angelicorganics.com .

Thank You for Supporting Angelic Organics As a shareholder, your support of Angelic Organics helps us with the capital needed for equipment and infrastructure to grow great vegetables efficiently. We are delighted to pass some of those savings back to you  when you sign up early.

Sign Up Form: To sign up, click below, then print, fill out and send with payment to: Angelic Organics, 1547 Rockton Road, Caledonia, IL 61011-9572

Celebrating 25 Years as a CSA Farm!

In 2015, Angelic Organics is celebrating 25 years as a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) family farm, providing organic, local vegetables and herbs for people in Chicago and North Central Illinois. We work directly with households like yours, without the intermediary of stores or wholesalers. Headed by lifelong farmer John Peterson and fortified with appropriate infrastructure, reliable equipment and a great crew, Angelic Organics is known for its ability to deliver full boxes of the freshest quality produce at the most competitive organic prices, week after week, through drought or flood.

Your Very Own Farm, Without all the Work!

When you join our CSA, you enter into a relationship to more than the food you receive from us; you enter into a relationship with the source of your food, a farm—a farm you can visit. (Visit the farm via Instagram here.) This is what distinguishes the CSA program from all the other ways you can buy your vegetables—in a certain way, as a shareholder, you have your very own farm. You don’t have to plow the fields, pay the crew, keep the books, maintain the equipment, or harvest the crops, but still, through your purchase of a share, you will probably start referring to Angelic Organics as our farm. Read more about relationship to a farm in Farmer John’s blog post, Farm Monogamy.

Delivery Options

Eat healthy in 2016 with an Angelic Organics CSA Vegetable Share, fresh and organic straight from our farm, delivered to a site near you, or choose home delivery. Each vegetable share comes with a complementary recipe service customized for your box.

Still Undecided?

Things are a lot different now in the healthy food movement, compared to the 90’s when Angelic Organics was one of the first CSA’s in the region. There are many CSA farms serving the Chicago area today, and numerous other ways for people to receive organic vegetables. So, we made a list of what makes Angelic Organics special. We hope our list makes you as excited about Angelic Organics as we are.

Ten Reasons Why Angelic Organics is Special

Reason #1: Our Shareholders like us

See shareholder reviews and many other shareholder posts on our Facebook page.

See all 10 reasons why Angelic Organics is special

This is How the CSA Program Works

Eating with the Seasons

You purchase a share of our vegetable harvest before the beginning of the harvest season.  You then receive a weekly or bi-weekly box (or perhaps a “Flex Share”) of our freshest seasonal produce from mid-June to late-October. You may also choose to extend your share with additional boxes of storage vegetables delivered until Thanksgiving, or to supplement your organic vegetables with an organic fruit share.

A Shared Commitment

When you sign up, you dedicate yourself to being our customer for the year, thus providing us with a secure market — a welcome measure of certainty in the fickle world of farming! In turn, we dedicate ourselves to being your farmers and providing you with a varied, nutritious vegetable diet for the season. Not only that, we work diligently to connect you to the source of that diet through our newsletters, a recipe service, our farm open houses, and an open invitation for you to come visit the farm and connect with the people growing your food and with the land on which your food is grown.

Shared Risk; Shared Reward

We do our very best to bring you a beautiful and bountiful box each week, but since our boss, Nature, provides no guarantees — we can’t offer any either. One of the premises of a Community Supported Agriculture program is that the shareholder shares, through the vegetables, the farmer’s experience of nature’s blessings and maybe mischief.

Not To Worry!

The weather woes would probably never rob you of all your veggies. Even during the flooding we experienced in 1993 and the drought of 2012, we were able to fill our shareholders’ boxes every week — and could barely close the boxes at the height of the season! In recent years, increases in soil fertility and advances in our growing expertise have consistently produced stellar boxes.

How Many For Dinner?

The selection of produce changes from week to week, as does the total volume and weight of the boxes. We do our best to fill your 3/4 bushel produce box to the brim, equivalent to about 1 1/2 regular paper grocery sacks. The first boxes of the season offer mainly leafy greens and herbs, and weigh 7 to 12 pounds. From late summer through fall, the boxes may bulge with over 20 pounds of produce. One full share generally satisfies the needs of two people with a vegetarian diet, or four people with a mixed diet.

Really Fresh, Really Local

These days, “fresh” seems to mean fresh off the truck from another country. For us, fresh means we hand-pick most of the vegetables in your box within 48 hours of its arrival in your neighborhood. Local means settlers here smelled the smoke from the Great Chicago Fire. Our farm is a 2-hour drive northwest of Chicago, a 1/2 hour drive north of Rockford.

Know Your Food, Know Your Farm

No anonymous veggies here; the boxes talk! With each delivery we publish a weekly newsletter acquainting you with your food and its interesting upbringing — a synergy of weather, soil, sun, and toil. We also provide a CSA recipe service through Local Thyme, which includes weekly recipes and tips customized for your box, supplemental shopping lists, and a vegetable identification guide.

Come See Your Vegetables Growing Up!

Beyond cultivating a relationship with new foods, shareholders can cultivate a new relationship with food by following the food chain back to the soil. We invite you out to the farm during the season where you can visit the vegetables, touch the sweet-smelling soil, pick flowers and herbs from the U-Pick garden, attend our open houses, and talk farming with the farm hands. Additional workshops and classes are available and are administered by the Angelic Organics Learning Center. (Visit the Learning Center via Instagram here.)

How You Get Your Box

We deliver to over 40 pick-up sites around Rockford and the greater Chicago area. You choose the most convenient location, and we bring your box to this site on the same day each week. You have at least a 5 hour window (and up to 10, depending on the site) during which you can pick up your box. We also offer home delivery to many areas in and near Chicago.

Farmer John Peterson describes why you’ll love our Community Supported Agriculture Program, as shareholders harvest beans from the Angelic Organics U-Pick garden at our farm open house.

Sign Up Form: To sign up, click below, then print, fill out and send with payment to: Angelic Organics, 1547 Rockton Road, Caledonia, IL 61011-9572