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Another Great Season
Our 27th season of raising organic vegetables and herbs was stellar, but don’t take our word for it: read reviews from our shareholders. Perhaps you would like to join us for 2017.

From a Shareholder
I’m writing just to thank you for providing me and my family with delicious, fresh vegetables all summer long. I returned to the CSA after a few summers off…. I’m so glad I did. Your vegetable variety and quality are better than any I have seen. I appreciate the professionalism (timely delivery, good communication, attention to customer satisfaction) as well the opportunity to learn about the trials and pleasures of organic farming from Farmer John’s newsletters. It was a home run year, as far as I’m concerned! I’ve already paid for my 2017 share.

So, thank you! Looking forward to next year.

The Myriad Joys of Being an Angelic Organics Shareholder
There are many services today that will aggregate and deliver boxes of fresh produce to your door, but the story of your food starts before it arrives at your home. It starts on the farm.

As a shareholder, sure, you prepare meals from your vegetable deliveries, but you also know that they come from the fields of your farm. You receive a Farm News update with each delivery, which will deepen your relationship with your farm, its soil, workers and weather. Maybe you will visit the farm and pick some flowers or beans from your U-Pick garden. You might socialize with fellow shareholders on a Farm Field Day and observe our sprawl of fertile fields during a hayride. Maybe you or your kids will visit the farm for a program hosted by the Angelic Organics Learning Center. The Learning Center will even be offering an overnight program at the Angelic Organics Lodge, starting this summer.

A Farm In Your Heart
We believe that everyone needs a farm to hold in their heart. You will never connect to a farm through a food aggregator like you will through belonging to a Community Supported Agriculture farm. Read Farmer John’s advocacy of  Farm Monogamy.

Watch the Feature Documentary Film about Angelic Organics
For a rich farm biography, see The Real Dirt on Farmer John, a feature documentary film spanning over 50 years of Angelic Organics and Farmer John’s life, available on Netflix and Amazon. The film garnered 31 festival awards and has been seen by millions throughout the world.

Make Sure
Please peruse our website thoroughly before becoming an Angelic Organics CSA shareholder. Being a shareholder is a considerable commitment. We want to make sure we are a good fit with your needs.

Your Discount is Up to You, when You Join by Tuesday, January 17
Choose a discount from 0% to 20% to apply to your share purchase. We offer this option, because we want to broaden the availability of our CSA program to people with a wider range of backgrounds. Select a discount which best matches your ability to pay, your personal relationship to the farm, your support of organics, and your enthusiasm of the CSA model. You decide the discount that best suits you in the context of your relationship to your farm and also to your budget.

Substantial Savings
With a 20% discount, this offer can provide savings of $292 when you choose a 20 week share with 4 week extended season and a 10 week fruit share with 2 week extended season. Regular cost for these shares would be $1460; your cost will be $1168.

Of the people who have joined our CSA so far:

  • about 20% have chosen no discount
  • about 40% have chosen the 20% discount
  • the average discount chosen is 10 to 12%

After Tuesday, January 17
If too many people choose the higher discounts, we may regretfully rescind this offer for you to choose your discount after January 17. As much as we want to assist others in belonging to our CSA, we need to bring in enough money to take care of our farming expenses, too.

Main Season Share Options

Both full and half vegetable shares are the same size 3/4 bushel box. The full vegetable share is delivered every week for 20 weeks starting in early June. The half vegetable share is 10 every-other-week deliveries made over the course of the 20-week main season.

The fruit share is only available as an add-on to a vegetable share. The fruit share is delivered every other week starting in mid June.

Full Vegetable Share — 20 deliveries starting in June 2017
Secure a 20-week share of fresh, seasonal organic vegetables and herbs for $740.

Half Vegetable Share — 10 deliveries starting in June 2017
Secure an every-other-week share of fresh, seasonal organic vegetables and herbs for $400.

Fruit Share — 10 deliveries starting in June 2017
Secure an every-other-week share of organic, seasonal fruit for $500. The fruit share is only available as an add-on to a vegetable share. Visit our fruit share page for more information.

By the way, I also signed up for the fruit share again for 2017. Can’t stop thinking about those Georgia peaches and sweet cherries. I enjoy learning a little about the farms that produce the fruit, too.

Extended Season Share Options

Extended season shares are an add-on to a main season share. Extended season shares are delivered after the main 20-week season has ended. The extended season shares start in late October or early November, and end before Thanksgiving. The full extended season share is a weekly share, and the half extended season share is an every-other-week share.

Extended season vegetable shares consist primarily of storage vegetables such as winter squash, onions, potatoes, garlic, carrots, Brussels sprouts and cabbage.

The extended season fruit share is only available as an add-on to an extended season vegetable share.

Full Extended Season Vegetable Share — 4 deliveries after the main season has ended
Secure a 4-week extended season vegetable share for $120.

Half Extended Season Vegetable Share — 2 deliveries after the main season has ended
Secure a 2-week extended season vegetable share for $60.

Extended Season Fruit Share — 2 deliveries after the main season has ended
Secure a 2-week extended season fruit share for $100. Visit our fruit share page for more information.

I just wanted to let you know that this is the first time I have ever signed up for a [CSA] share. It has been truly wonderful to expose my city kids to organic, local produce that should be eaten seasonally. I share my box with a friend and her family and we love how it is packed to the brim with great, fresh produce. We appreciate you and your team for providing this for us and we look forward to next years bounty. Thanks again for all that you do.

Delivery Options

Pick up at one of our 40+ pickup locations
Click here to find the most convenient pickup location for you.

Home Delivery
Home delivery is available to most Illinois zip codes within 45 miles of Chicago. The value of home delivery is $12 per delivery. Home delivery is available for $10 per delivery. Visit our home delivery page for more details. (Sorry, home delivery is not available in Boone county, Winnebago county, or in Wisconsin.)

Final note: your home delivery service made all the difference for me. Delivery was always early in the specified time frame. This option made my life easier! Additionally, the ability to rearrange my delivery schedule around vacation times was so helpful.

Pay with PayPal

Pay for your share with PayPal with no added fee. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit or debit card through PayPal.

Note: You will choose your pickup location or home delivery address before you reach PayPal. PayPal asks for a shipping address, but just check the box “Ship to my billing address.” Any address you enter in PayPal is not necessarily the address where your share will be delivered. The actual shipping address will be determined in the signup process prior to PayPal.

I’m Ready!
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Where is the farm?
We are in Boone County, located about 90 miles NW of downtown Chicago, and 20 miles NE of Rockford. Our address is 1547 Rockton Road, Caledonia, IL 61011.

When does the season start?
Our delivery season starts in early June and ends in late October. We also offer an extended season share, which starts in late October or early November, and ends before Thanksgiving.

What’s in the box?
The box contents vary depending on the time of the season. This is a great feature of Community Supported Agriculture, that your share provides seasonal eating. Find out what’s in the box.

Is the share a good value?
Overall, based on various comparison studies we’ve seen and also based on analyses of our own share prices, you can expect your Angelic Organics CSA share to cost about 1/4 to 1/3 less than if you bought comparable organic vegetables from a grocery store such as Whole Foods.

How much produce should I expect?
We do our best to fill your 3/4 bushel box to the brim, equivalent to about 1 & 1/2 regular paper grocery bags. From late summer through fall, your box may bulge with over 20 lbs of produce. One full share generally satisfies the needs of two people with a vegetarian diet or four people with a mixed diet.

This is How the Community Supported Agriculture Program Works

Eating with the Seasons
You purchase a share of our vegetable harvest before the beginning of the harvest season. Click here to learn more about how the CSA program works.

Still Undecided?

Farmer John Writes
Learn a great deal about how lifelong Farmer John reflects on and guides the farm forward in Farm News.

Photos from Shareholders
Browse Instagram photos with #angelicorganics.

Your Very Own Farm, Without all the Work!
When you join our CSA, you enter into a relationship to more than the food you receive from us; you enter into a relationship with the source of your food, a farm—a farm you can visit. This is what distinguishes the CSA program from all the other ways you can buy your vegetables—in a certain way, as a shareholder, you have your very own farm. You don’t have to plow the fields, pay the crew, keep the books, maintain the equipment, or harvest the crops, but still, through your purchase of a share, you will probably start referring to Angelic Organics as our farm. Read more about relationship to a farm in Farmer John’s blog post, Farm Monogamy.

10 Reasons Why Angelic Organics is Special

Things are a lot different now in the healthy food movement, compared to the 90’s when Angelic Organics was one of the first Community Supported Agriculture farms in the region. There are many CSA farms serving the Chicago area today, and numerous other ways for people to receive organic vegetables. So, we made a list of what makes our farm special.

Reason #1: Over 170 5-star Facebook reviews
Reason #5:
Enjoy the very popular recipe service customized to your box
Reason #8: Harvest from our U-Pick Garden
Reason #9:
Visit the Angelic Organics Learning Center with educational programs for all
Reason #10:
Watch “The Real Dirt on Farmer John”, a documentary about our farmer

Click here to see all 10 reasons why Angelic Organics is special.

We’d love to grow vegetables and herbs for you in 2017!

Farmer John describes why you’ll love our CSA Program, as shareholders harvest beans from the Angelic Organics U-Pick garden at our Farm Field Day.

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