Welcome to our 5th Harvest Week. July 9 (Wed Delivery)

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Welcome to our 5th Harvest Week

A Special Welcome to those joining us for a 16 week share

You’re in for a season of great vegetables and herbs. Make sure to sign up for the free recipe service at www.localthyme.net/register. Enter the farm code AOLTFREE under “My Farm Sent Me A Code.”

Farmer John invites you to our Open House, Saturday, July 19,featuring Farm Travel Adventures and The Selfish Giant, a Puppet Play by Blair Thomas.

The Weather: Wind and Rain

Take extra care washing your salad greens and lettuce. We’ve had lots of rain recently, splashing mud onto the greens. We had the worst wind storm that I can remember last Monday night, along with over 2 inches of rain. It laid one variety of corn flat, but the resilient stalks have since picked themselves up and are now forming ears. The wind also snapped off a few zucchini, eggplant and pepper plants…nothing major, but humbling. The power went out. We rented a generator to keep things going.

The Work

Weeded and weeded…the rain makes the weeds grow at about twice their normal pace. Transplanted lettuce and fall cabbage. Mowed field lanes and cover crops. Graded main driveway. Trellised tomatoes. Fixed things. Continued the milkhouse re-construction. Harvested and harvested.

We harvested the last patch of scallions last week.

We harvested the last patch of scallions last week.

The Crops…

Cucumbers have come on strong. Carrots are sweet and now ready for your box. Cabbage is ready. Lettuce has been sweet and fluffy.

Matt notices that the boxes keep coming and coming

Matt notices that the boxes keep coming and coming


More from Shareholders

Visit us often at www.facebook.com/angelicorganics, where we post exciting farm developments regularly, and shareholders post recipes, tips, and photos.

Join Us

7th annual Peak Harvest Farm Dinner Benefit for Angelic Organics Learning Center

Saturday, July 26, 2014  5PM – 9PM

Check out the insert about the dinner in this week’s newsletter.
The benefit is a lot of fun and for a great cause.


Saturday, July 19: Summer Open House at Angelic Organics,

featuring a Puppet Play and Farm Travel Adventures

Note: With the I-90 construction from Elgin to the Rockton Road exit, expect that 45 mile portion of the drive to take over an hour.

11 to 12:30: Arrive (park along the drive), Mingling, Hayrides, Puppet Show & Farm Travel Bring the kids (but unfortunately you can’t bring your pets). There will be hayrides before lunch– hop on to the fields and see everything growing. Travel the farm. See a puppet show. Pick peas, beans and flowers in our U-Pick Garden. (It’s usually extra busy here before 11, so we don’t recommend showing up early.)

11:30 – 12:15: The Selfish Giant Puppet Play in the Woods at the Learning Center Campground. A puppet play for all ages by two Chicago Theater Icons, Blair Thomas and singer-song writer, Michael Smith.

selfish giant

Original puppets and music tell the story of a grumpy old giant who forbids the children in his village from playing in his beautiful garden. After the children are locked out, the trees and flowers refuse to grow and the garden plunges into an eternal winter. Then one morning, the children sneak back into the garden, bringing with them the joyous rebirth of spring.

Farm Travel! Travel the farm with your Farm Fun Passport on July 19! We’ll stamp your passport as you take a hayride through the fields, and you meet the goats, pigs, and chickens.

Stop by the Learning Center for a delicious taste of farm-fresh goat’s milk ice cream.

goat milk

12:30 to 1:30 ; Potluck: please bring a large dish to pass

* The dishes at past open houses have always been phenomenal, but sometimes we run short on food–this is not to be on a farm that is all about food! Please bring a dish that will serve at least 15.

* Farmer John & the hard-working crew say that more desserts would be appreciated.

* Please bring the recipe that goes with your dish; recipes accompanying dishes are a hit. Put your name & your delivery site on the recipe, so admirers can track you down & lavish you with praise. (10 copies on 3×5 cards would be great.)

* Please bring your own place settings & beverage. We furnish some tables and chairs. Please consider bringing a blanket on which to picnic, so we don’t have to provide so many chairs.

1:45 to 2:30: CSA Meeting Offer suggestions about food & farming.

2:45 to 3:30: The Selfish Giant Puppet Play in the Woods at the Learning Center Campground

3 pm to 4 pm: One More Hayride


Farmer John, The Farm Crew and the Staff of the Angelic Organics Learning Center

Box Contents

Please Note: This summary is written before you receive your box—please be aware that some guesswork is involved. As always, be sure to thoroughly wash all of your vegetables



Swiss Chard




Summer Squash/Zuchinni



Garlic Scapes

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