Welcome to the Second Week of our Extended Season for 2014 Nov 5 & 6 (Wed & Thur Delivery)

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Welcome to the 2nd Week of our Extended Season

Farmer John Writes about Chicago Hospitality

Hotel Lincoln

Hotel Lincoln

When Haidy and I recently went to the Big City for the Open House Chicago weekend, we stayed at Hotel Lincoln, where the extraordinary Perennial Virant Restaurant is located. (Noted Chef Paul Virant has been a guest chef at the Angelic Organics Learning Center Annual Farm Dinner on several occasions.)

When I told the receptionist at the restaurant that we were farmers from Angelic Organics, the kitchen promptly sent out appetizers of luscious pumpkin Eclairs–for breakfast–and the biggest, gooiest chocolate doughnut I have ever seen; it was more like a cream-filled round chocolate cake than a doughnut. Then Haidy’s sensible, hardy Farmer’s Breakfast order arrived with sausage, eggs, home fries and cheese curds along with my more indulgent breakfast of buttermilk pancakes with honey butter, fruit compote and Burton’s maple syrup. Still reeling from the sensational pastries, we were just getting started on our intended breakfasts, when out came an order of French Toast with lemon curd and maple syrup, compliments of Paul’s kitchen. “Our kitchen staff is told to treat farmers well,” the waiter explained.

The Perennial Virant staff called this a doughnut

The Perennial Virant staff called this a doughnut

Update from Joseph (Max) Haas, Farmer John’s young Biographer

In Week 20 of Farmer News, I shared a story about shareholder Joseph Haas, who undertook to write my biography: http://tiny.cc/farmerjohnsbiography

Shareholder Responses to Joseph’s Biography of Farmer John

Joseph (Max) Haas wrote a compelling piece. For me, he captured the essence of what makes a difference in life. The commitment of a man to continue and succeed and in so doing inspire others (and grow yummy veggies).

Thanks Max for this piece and the pictures. Keep it up! ~ Brook Nelson

Great Story by Joseph Haas. Way to post budding talent. ~ A Shareholder

Recently from Joseph

Hello This is Joseph. Thank you so much for getting my book on the newsletter! I will show it to my classmates today. I am now working on a series of your life. I hope to see you at the next open house!

From Joseph and Claudia Haas.

Joseph (Max) Haas, Farmer John’s Biographer

Joseph (Max) Haas, Farmer John’s Biographer

From Shareholders About the Season (note from Farmer John: it’s nice to get such great notes from shareholders as the season winds down)

You all do a superb job, and although nothing is perfect, you come close!  Just want you all to know how much I appreciate your hard work and the delicious food we get from you…Thanks so much for everything!


We love your produce & the fact that you’re so knowledgeable and hardworking when it comes to veggies! You do what we don’t have the sun, space and experience to do for ourselves & we appreciate you for it…. We get that you aren’t a grocery store and you’re bound by the weather and the amount of help you can get….we’re completely happy with what you guys do & the processes you have in place.  You’re the best.


Box Contents

Please Note: this summary is written before you receive your box—please be aware that some guesswork is involved. As always, be sure to thoroughly wash all of your vegetables.

A Daikon Radish
Kale Tops
Pea Shoots
Green Choi or Brussels Sprouts

The Crops

As I’ve been noting in previous updates, the generally warm October has provided us with an abundance of salad greens. We should be able to include delicious salad greens in your boxes for the rest of the season.

Lettuce flourishes before the frost

Lettuce flourishes before the frost


Early last week, temperatures were in the 70’s. We had a hard frost this past Friday night. By late Friday afternoon, we had all the remaining lettuce, kale, and choi in storage. These are the crops that were most vulnerable to the frost. We double covered many beds of greens. Of course, many of our crops were already in storage, such as cabbage, onions, garlic, popcorn, celeriac, daikons, and beets. It’s a bit of a dance to handle all the fall harvests in relation to weather, but this year the weather-sensitive harvests have been managed with a minimum of drama.

Andy grades rutabaga before the weather turns cold

Andy grades rutabaga before the weather turns cold

Last of the Daikon

Last of the Daikon

The Work

Our heroic crew works in all kinds of weather. This past Friday, blustery winds were descending from the north, bringing wind chills into the low 20’s. They stayed with the work. If you want acknowledge them, send a note to Shelly email hidden; JavaScript is required .

The crew brandishes their machetes on their way to the last of the kale

The crew brandishes their machetes on their way to the last of the kale

U-Pick Garden

Our U-Pick Garden is finished for the year.

More from Shareholders

Visit us often at www.facebook.com/angelicorganics, where we post exciting farm developments regularly, and shareholders post recipes, tips, and photos.

Check out these three fun classes for families coming up at the Learning Center this November!

Cornbread from the Group Up! Saturday, November 8, 2pm-4:30pm

Bring your family to the farm for an afternoon of shucking, shelling, winnowing and grinding our heirloom corn into delicious cornbread. We’ll use farm-fresh eggs from our chickens, too. Yum!

Pumpkin Pie! A Family Program, Sunday, November 23, 10am-2pm

You’ll not only learn a secret for making a delicious “pumpkin” pie, you’ll also learn all about how we care for the soil, vegetables and animals on our farm.


Thanksgiving Food from the Farm, Wednesday, November 26, 9am-3pm

At this hands-on class for families, you’ll make and take mashed potatoes, salad, and a pumpkin pie for your Thanksgiving feast, all with food from the farm.


Please pre-register at www.learngrowconnect.org/events

Plus, we have a special offer: 10% off any and all fall classes! Use the discount code “FALL201410AOSHAREHOLDER.” Expires on December 1, 2014. Please pre-register for all programs at www.learngrowconnect.org/events.


Farmer John and the Angelic Organics Farm Team

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