Angelic Organics
A Community Supported Agriculture Farm feeding people in the Chicago area.

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seasonal. We normally begin evaluating new hires in mid-April to begin work in early May. Sometimes, we conduct a second round of hiring in mid-August as many of our summer workers return to school in the Fall.

The Benefits of Working on our Farm

Aside from working with a talented and dedicated farm team, other benefits of employment at Angelic Organics include:

  1. Location: We are located 5 miles east of Highway 90 on Rockton Rd., a short commute from Rockford, Beloit, Roscoe and Rockton.

  2. Spirit: We are proud of our efforts and grateful for the opportunity to work closely with the land and those we feed. Angelic Organics is dedicated to creating and forwarding an economically viable, organic, Biodynamic farm which nurtures its soil, plants, animals, and community of workers. We are committed to providing the freshest, most vibrant food possible to our customers in hopes to enliven the connection between people and the source of their food.

  3. Vegetables: As an Angelic Organics employee, you would have the privilege of occasionally harvesting vegetables from the fields for personal consumption.

  4. Experience: Whether you are interested in farming as a career or not, you are able to see first-hand the joys and difficulties of running a farm.

  5. Opportunities for Advancement: For candidates that possess skills and interest in taking on more responsibility, there is room for increase in pay commensurate with skills and experience. And candidates who are promoted to additional responsibilities may qualify for additional benefits.

Find out about our Full-Time Positions

To find out about opportunities for international candidates, click here.


Angelic Organics is a 1500+ member Biodynamic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) vegetable and herb farm located in north-central Illinois--between Chicago and Madison (in northwest Boone County). We have been growing organically since 1990 and Biodynamically since 1993. We manage 94 acres, 25 of which grow vegetables and herbs that feed our CSA members. We deliver our vegetables over the course of 24 weeks from mid-June to late November. Our farm team includes 3-4 managers and 10-20 crew-members during the growing season.  Please note that most of the employment opportunities on the farm are

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