Edgewater Delivery Information

Site Host

Tara Keating & Frank GeilenShareholder since: 2007Site host since: 2008

Site Host Contact Information

Preferred Way to Contact: Text 773-368-4719Secondary Way to Contact: Call 773-368-4719

Site Address & Link to Map

1531 W Hood Ave - Chicago, IL 60660

Delivery Day


Delivery Hours

Projected Delivery Time: 8:30 AM

Photo(s) of the Delivery Site

Directions to the Site

The site is a light blue -gray house on the south side of a two-way residential street. Plenty of free street parking is available.

Where to Stack the Vegetable Boxes

Go through the gate on the east (left) of the house and stack the vegetable boxes just past the garden hose on the right of the path.

The boxes should be stacked as follows:

  • a single row (9 boxes wide)
  • 3 boxes below the shelf, 3 boxes on top of the shelf

Additional boxes can go in front.

Where to Stack the Fruit Boxes

Stack the fruit boxes to the left of the vegetable boxes. If there isn’t enough space for fruit with the vegetable boxes stacked 3 high, just stack the vegetable boxes higher to make room or put additional boxes in front.

Where to Pick Up Empty Boxes

Pick up the flattened boxes from the left (east) side of the house where they are in the rack just inside the side gate.