Evanston South on Washington Delivery Information

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Cheryl and Clay HenleyShareholder since: 1997Site host since: 1997

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Preferred Way to Contact: Call 847-869-0250Secondary Way to Contact: Knock on my door or ring my doorbell

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1203 Washington St. - Evanston, IL 60202

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Projected Delivery Time: 12:57 PM

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Directions to the Site

Washington is an eastbound one-way street one block south of Main Street, between Asbury Avenue and Ridge Avenue.

Acess this site from an alley off of Main Street. 1114 Main Street (west of Ridge) is across the street from the alley entrance to the site.

While navigating through the alley the first turn (to the right) is a very sharp turn.

The house is located on the north side of Washington (right across from the Pope John XXIII school).

The garage is white with a purple door with teal trim. You will have to reach over and unhook the gate to open it. Once through the gate the entry door to the garage is purple. Go inside the entry door to the garage and open the main garage door with the button on the right side of the entry door.

Where to Stack the Vegetable Boxes

Stack the vegetable boxes along the wall to the right as you enter the garage, starting at the corner nearest the overhead door. Please don’t block bikes in.

Where to Stack the Fruit Boxes

Stack the fruit boxes across from the vegetable boxes in front of the bicycles.

Where to Pick Up Empty Boxes

Pick up the empty, flattened boxes from the PVC box storage bin in the garage.

Special Delivery Instructions

Be sure to close both our main garage door and the gate to the alley behind you when you leave. Otherwise our garage contents and our yard / house are vulnerable to theft.

Additional Delivery Site Photos