Jefferson Park Delivery Information

Site Host

John BelcherShareholder since: 2016Site host since: 2020

Site Host Contact Information

Preferred Way to Contact: Text 773-218-2588Secondary Way to Contact: Text 773-547-2119

Site Address & Link to Map

5352 W. Carmen Ave - Chicago, IL 60630

Delivery Day


Delivery Hours

Projected Delivery Time: 8 AM

Photo(s) of the Delivery Site

Directions to the Site

1 house down from Carmen and Long Intersection.

Where to Stack the Vegetable Boxes

Stack boxes in greenhouse, on the east side of the building.

Where to Stack the Fruit Boxes

Stack the fruit boxes on the table, near the vegetable boxes.

Where to Pick Up Empty Boxes

Pick up the empty, flattened boxes from the PVC box storage bin.