Ravenswood Manor on Tuesday Delivery Information

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Nancy and Tom MelvinShareholder since: 1992Site host since: 1992

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Preferred Way to Contact: Text 773-983-9926 (cell)Secondary Way to Contact: Call 773-588-2932 (landline)

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2860 W. Leland Ave - Chicago, IL 60625

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Delivery Hours

Projected Delivery Time: 12:16 PM

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Directions to the Site

This site is accessible from an alley off of N Manor Ave.

The entrance to this alley is located at 4711 N Manor Ave. At the entrance to the alley there is a street light and a garage with red brick and red siding.

This site is a garage which will be on your right. It is a tan brick garage, and has green-stained wooden doors, red trim and a basketball hoop mounted to the roof.

Enter the gate to the left of the garage (as you face it), go through the orange door on the side of the garage, remove the wooden batton across the inside of the green doors and open them. Put the boxes in the garage. When done, close the green doors and put the wooden batton back in place on the inside of the garage.

There is a very sharp turn to the left when leaving this alley (a 22 foot truck can carefully make this turn). If a larger truck is used for deliveries it will need to be backed out of the alley to N Manor Ave.

Where to Stack the Vegetable Boxes

Stack the vegetable boxes on top of the long tables running along the west side of the wall in the garage. They can be stacked up to three high. The rest can go on the floor right in front of the tables.

Where to Stack the Fruit Boxes

Stack the fruit boxes on the right (north) end of the long tables in the garage along the west wall, near the garage door.

Where to Pick Up Empty Boxes

Pick up the empty, flattened boxes from the PVC box storage bin, which will be inside the garage. You need to move the box storage bin and the empty boxes out of the way before you open the garage doors from the inside to bring in the delivery.

Additional Delivery Site Photos