Rogers Park Delivery Information

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Kathy AustinShareholder since: 2020Site host since: 2022

Site Host Contact Information

Preferred Way to Contact: Call 404-543-1086Secondary Way to Contact: Text 404-543-1086

Site Address & Link to Map

2027 W Estes Ave - Chicago, IL 60645

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Delivery Hours

Projected Delivery Time: 8:00 AM

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Directions to the Site

Address is 2027 W Estes Ave Chicago. Nearest cross streets are Ridge and Estes. Come through the alley to my garage, via Greenleaf, Damen or Estes. There is a parking spot alongside the garage to back into. The door to the garage will be open to open garage door. There is no car in garage so there is plenty of space.

Enter through door, garage door opener inside garage to the left of white door by fence.

Where to Stack the Vegetable Boxes

Stack the vegetable boxes in the garage. There is plenty of space.

Where to Stack the Fruit Boxes

Stack the fruit boxes next to the vegetable boxes in the garage.

Where to Pick Up Empty Boxes

Pick up the empty boxes from the PVC box return bin in the garage.

Special Delivery Instructions

Dog might be outside and may bark but is fenced in and unable to get to garage.