Choose the Vegetables You Love and Receive Several Free Boxes of Vegetables This Season When You Sign Up Now for a 2016 Share!

You probably haven’t been thinking much this fall about where your 2016 vegetables and herbs will come from, but we have an offer that we think will inspire you to consider your next year’s supply of fresh, organic vegetables and herbs today—free boxes from Angelic Organics this fall; a discount on your 2016 share; and you can now choose the vegetables you love.

You Can Now Choose Your Vegetables at Angelic Organics
It dawned on me recently that shareholders who pick up at the farm could easily be choosing their favorite vegetables to fill their box. You don’t have to take home what we choose for you; you can choose for yourself! You don’t have to pre-order; you simply come out to the farm while we are packing our boxes and choose what you are in the mood for that day.

Here’s How It Will Work
Come out during one of our pack days, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday from 2 pm to 3:30 pm and select the vegetables that you love from our pack line, and leave behind the vegetables that you don’t enjoy. In order to participate in this new customized box program, you must arrive at the farm during the specified time frame. Otherwise, you will have to return on another pack day to make your customized box. 

Generally, you can take up to 2 times the number of vegetables that we are putting into the regular CSA box that week, until your box is full to the brim. To be clear, this means that if you take two times the amount of one vegetable, there will be less room in your box for other vegetables.

How You Can Have What You Love
You might love winter squash. If we are putting one butternut squash into each CSA box for delivery, you can put up to 2 butternuts in your box. If we are giving one bag of carrots, and you love carrots, you can take two bags of carrots. You can fill your box this way with things that you love until your box is full. Sometimes we may need to restrict the number of items of a scarce crop to less than 2, and on occasion, you will be able to take 3 times the regular amount, but most of the time, you will be entitled to take 2 times the number of the item that we are putting into the regular CSA box, until your box is full to the brim.

Frankly, one of the downsides of our current CSA program is that shareholders sometimes receive things they don’t want. They might prepare these items and try to learn to enjoy them; they might offload them to a friend; or they might just toss them (and feel guilty.) We want you to receive the vegetables and herbs that you want and to not receive what you don’t want.

You’ll Have Help
It’s a new system, so we’ll make sure to have someone from our farm team assist you in the process of filling your box. You will first be ushered up and down the pack line to see what’s there that day. You can then carry the box up and down the line and tell your assistant what you want him or her to put into the box. (We think this is the way it will work. This fall, we’ll be experimenting to figure out the best way to make the customization happen. Also, since this is an experiment, we’re not sure that the days and time slots will be the same in 2016 as they will be this year until the end of the season. We anticipate that these will stay the same, but we need to learn more about our system this season to decide how we will schedule it next season.)

Start the New Program Right Away
 Sign up and pay for a 2016 share now, and you can start customizing your free 2015 boxes next week. Then, when the 2016 season starts in early June, we’ll be ready for you to come out and resume your customizing of your box.

Perhaps You Prefer Our Current System of Pre-Selected Boxes
Some shareholders have told me that they have busy lives and they prefer that we select what goes into their box. If that’s how you would like your box, fine–let us know on the form and a full box will be waiting for you at your selected pickup site.

Help Us to Be More Local
We currently deliver a lot of CSA boxes to Chicago and suburbs. We would rather that Angelic Organics serve more people in the local area, right where the vegetables are grown. If you love our program, please spread the word to your friends who live in the area. We feel that this new program can help us to build a large community of like-minded people through the joy and celebration of local food.

Receive Many Free Local Boxes
Early Autumn CSA Box Contents

The Sooner You Sign Up, The More Free, Customized Boxes You Will Receive
Sign up and pay for a 20 week 2016 share by Thursday, Oct 15, 2015. Your check must arrive at Angelic Organics by Saturday, Oct 17, for you to begin receiving your free, customized CSA box the following week. You will receive 5 free boxes of vegetables and herbs this fall, worth $157. (Your deliveries will be every week.)

Sign up and pay for a 10 box (every-other-week) 2016 share by Thursday, Oct 15, 2015. Your check must arrive at Angelic Organics by Saturday, Oct 17, for you to begin receiving your free customized CSA box the following week. You will receive 3 free boxes of vegetables and herbs this fall, worth $100. (Your deliveries will be every other week.)

See the Chart in the Form Below for examples of free boxes and the savings you can receive, depending on when you sign up.

The Longer You Wait, The Less You Will Save
As you can see in the chart, delaying your purchase by just one week can reduce the value of your 2015 boxes by $40—that’s one ¾ bushel box of delicious local, organic vegetables.

Why This Fabulous Offer?
We like growing things at Angelic Organics. We were overzealous this year and we overgrew. Why not pass this fabulous surplus on to you? In addition, inspiration struck about how Angelic Organics can be of much greater service to our local shareholders, by giving you what you want.

$5 Per Box Discount on 2016 Extended Season Share
We normally charge $30 per box for the extended season share. You can receive an extended season share for $25 per box: $100 for a 4 week extended season share; $50 for a 2 week extended season share.

Fruit Share
We expect that ten-delivery fruit shares will go from the current $480 up to $500 in 2016. You can sign up for fruit now for a savings of $4 per box. If you sign up for 12 deliveries of fruit, we project that your savings will be $48.

Receive Huge Savings If You Sign Up Right Away
For instance, if you sign up by Thursday, Oct 15, for a 20 week 2016 share plus extended season plus 10 week fruit and extended season fruit and we receive your check by Saturday, Oct 17, you will receive $157 worth of free vegetable boxes this fall, a $20 discount for 2016 4 week extended season share, and $48 fruit discount, a total of $225 in savings.

For the Biggest Savings, Sign Up and Mail Your Check by Thursday, Oct 15
Sign up and pay by Thursday, Oct 15, using this form. (Sorry, our online service, Member Assembler, is not yet set up for 2016 signups.)

Your check must reach the farm by Saturday, Oct 17, for you to start receiving your free CSA box the following week. (If your check arrives later than Saturday, your free deliveries will start one week later.) If you have questions, call Shelly weekday mornings at 815-389-2746 or email her at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

The Future is Now
We are already preparing our fields for 2016. Your early signup helps us to plan next year with confidence.

Cover Crop
Seeding Fall Peas for Extraordinary Soil Health in 2016

Sign Up Form: To sign up, click below, then print, fill out and send with payment to: Angelic Organics, 1547 Rockton Road, Caledonia, IL 61011-9572