13th Harvest Week: Wednesday/Thursday Delivery September 7th & 8th, 2011

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Farmer John Writes…
Greetings from Angelic Organics!
Vegetable of the Week: Broccoli
Broccoli is one of our shareholders’ favorite vegetables, according to a survey we did last year, so this year we planted more of it. Read about broccoli starting on pg 248 in Farmer John’s Cookbook. Note the lovely Broccoli and Tofu with Peanut Sauce recipe on pg 250.

We harvest the broccoli first thing in the morning, helping to keep it cool and moist. We add ice to the harvest bins as we are filling them with broccoli. We then hustle the broccoli back to the farmstead, where we top it off with more ice and put it in a cooler at 34 degrees.

The broccoli is coming on earlier than usual this year. We’ll seed it over a wider range of time next year, so that it matures throughout September. Don’t despair though, about the earliness of the crop; there will be broccoli side shoots in your boxes later on.

The Farm in Transition
The mornings have a nip in them. We’ve been starting at 6 a.m, but now it’s still a bit dark at that time, so we’ll be starting soon at 6:30. September’s goals will be filling your box each week, plus getting storage crops in for the rest of the season: carrots, potatoes, squash, beets. We strive to get the carrots and potatoes out before the ground turns to mud, the squash out before a frost. Our 33 fields scheduled for tillage, compost application, and cover cropping are now all seeded. Thousands of heads of lettuce grow ever more slowly, due to shorter days and less heat. They will achieve their full splendor on schedule, adding their vibrant forms and colors to your table. One small batch of lettuce transplants remains in the greenhouse. It will be transplanted by mid-September; the frosts of October will flirt with it. Spinach, baby chard, and baby kale perkily dance towards the equinox. A small final day remains of field seeding frost-resistant baby greens.

Open House this Saturday, Sept 10
We hope to see you at our open house this Saturday, Sept 10, 1547 Rockton Rd, starting at 11:00. There will be pumpkins and gourds for you and your kids to take home, hayrides, a pot luck feast, plus, from 1:30 to 3:30, a tour of the very special Kinnikinnick woods and stream near the farm. Live folk music in the woods by Clara Baker. Read more about the woods and stream here: http://www.learngrowconnect.org/node/3155

Next Door to Angelic Organics on Sept 10: Old Farmin’ Days. You might want to stop in at our neighbors on your way to or from our open house. Lots going on there that day about how people used to farm: http://www.rrstar.com/updates/x1413004082/Old-Farmin-Days-to-be-held-Sept-10

Save the Date: Saturday, Sept. 24th: Cookbook Signing by Farmer John & Dinner Event in Woodstock, Illinois: A Benefit for the Learning Center’s Save the 70 Campaign!

From A Shareholder:
Possibly contrary to popular opinion after reading this week’s newsletter, I actually enjoyed ripping open an ear of corn from the week 8 box to find a curled up and surprised earworm… gave me one of those moments where I silently said to myself “you know something is fresh from the farm when”.
This is my first year participating in a CSA; recently vowing to become more healthy…. Though historically coming from a past of eating any food that I perceived tasted good, I wanted to share that I’m ecstatic with being a part of Angelic Organics. Your delicious selections have helped me to kick my old unhealthy eating habits and live a more enriched life by getting back to what I see as a more grass roots approach to living.
Thank you for what you do; flea beetles, earworms and all… something truly perfect always has a hint of imperfection 😉
Have a GREAT weekend Angelic Organics team!

A Conversation about Biodynamics with Robert Karp, Executive Director, Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association
Wednesday, September 14, 12 noon at Alice’s Garden, 21st Street & Garfield Avenue, Milwaukee

Some have called biodynamics the gold standard of the organic movement. Some are aware that biodynamic farmers pioneered the CSA movement. Some know that biodynamic wine is considered the best wine in the world! But many still wonder: what exactly is this mysterious thing called biodynamics? This talk will seek to introduce the holistic approach to food, farming and social change called biodynamics and discuss its growing impact on the food movement in the United States.
Free, but you must RSVP to 414-687-0122 by Sept 10th; labyrinth walk & lunch included.

Venice R. Williams, (414) 687-0122
SeedFolks Youth Ministry, Executive Director
Alice’s Garden, Program Director
Center for Resilient Cities

Biodynamic Assoc. Seeks Professional Conference Planner
Upcoming Programs at the Angelic Organics Learning Center
Cheese and Bread:  September 17, 9 to 4:30 pm
Pasta making: September 18, 9 to noon
Winemaking: September 18: 2 to 5 pm

Please register at least 1 week in advance at www.learngrowconnect.org or (815) 389-8455.
The following takes you to the Learning Center August calendar, which has links to all of their programs: http://www.learngrowconnect.org/event

Farmer John

Box Contents

Please Note: this summary is written before you receive your box—please be aware that some guesswork is involved. As always, be sure to thoroughly wash all of your vegetables.

Herbs –Parsley, Sage
Fruiting Crops – Hot Peppers either Banana or Lantern, & maybe a Sweet Bell pepper, Pie pumpkin,
Tomatoes – including heirlooms
Brassicas – at least 2 heads of Broccoli
Alliums – Leek, and perhaps an onion
Salad Greens – Lettuce, bagged adolescent Swiss Chard
Root Crops – Red Norland & Yukon Gold Potatoes or Red Norland & Carola

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