Extended season: week of Nov. 7, 2011

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Farmer John Writes…

Greetings from Angelic Organics!

Welcome to Week 22

This is your 2nd week of the Extended Season share. Thanks for joining us for these last few weeks.

Kale Bunches and Tops

Vegetable of the Week: Kale

Towards the very end of the season, when the kale has pretty much stopped growing and has gone through several frosts, we top it and send it to you. It’s probably the yummiest adult kale our farm produces, due to the sweetening effect of the frosts.

From the Angelic Organics Cookbook, read about Cooking Greens on pg 81: After eating them a few times, you’ll learn why cooking greens are essential to so many cuisines. Their short cooking time, versatility, flavor and nutritional benefits make for a winning combination.

Try the quick and delicious recipe Simple Cooked Greens on pg 87: Cooking greens in oil or butter over high heat until they are just wilted is a great way to give them an added richness while preserving their fresh taste and delicate texture. Wilted greens mix well with almost anything…

Vegetable Storage

To learn about storage of your vegetables, consult the Vegetable Storage Guide starting on pg 339 in your Angelic Organics cookbook or visit https://angelicorganics.com/Vegetables/vegetablescontent.php?contentfile=vegstorage .

A Shareholder Writes 

To Everyone at Angelic Organics:  Thank you …Thank you for a delicious adventure. This was my first year with you and I enjoyed every minute. The delicious veggies in my “every other week” box were just right and made me “stretch” with cooking new recipes (I loved the cook book). Thanks to everyone who makes this possible.  I’ll be back next year. 

This Week

This week, the weather is predicted to be rather average, with one night dipping into the mid-twenties. Our crew will be working much of the week so we can be prepared for our final delivery, a double dose of vegetables next week. Overall, we’ve had excellent weather this fall, but still, our crew will probably encounter cold rain and mud as we are winding down the season. Keep them in your minds and hearts as they finish up the season.

Plastic Bags

From a Shareholder: You can tell Farmer John that some of us save all the plastic bags he sends and we reuse them, most often to bag items from future boxes. 

Free Range Turkey Delivered for Thanksgiving

from Irv and Shelly’s Fresh Picks: http://www.freshpicks.com/cms/?pid=1000079 Broad-breasted Bronze and White Turkeys have been raised free-range with no hormones, antibiotics or GMO feed at Triple “S” Farms in Stewardson, Illinois and TJ’s Poultry in Piper City, IL.  The Turkeys will be about 14-18 pounds at $3.99 per pound and are frozen when processed.

Angelic Organics is offering this service in support of Irv’s and Shelly’s Fresh Picks and to support the growers of these sustainable turkeys. We are not receiving a commission on the turkey sales. Please do not call the farm with turkey questions (unless it’s about picking up at the farm.) Fresh Picks will answer all your questions via email at email hidden; JavaScript is required or call 847-410-0595.

Upcoming Program with the Angelic Organics Learning Center

Thanksgiving Food from the Farm: A Program for Kids! 9 am to 4 pm, Wed, Nov 23 Prepare food from the farm to bring home for your family’s Thanksgiving meal. We’ll use squash and eggs to make a delicious pie, cook bread in our earth oven, and learn how to roast vegetables, plus spend time with the animals. For children in 1st to 5th grade, together with an adult.

Please register on line at least 1 week in advance or call  (815) 389-8455.

Nice to have You with us this Season
Farmer John

Box Contents

Please Note: this summary is written before you receive your box—please be aware that some guesswork is involved. As always, be sure to thoroughly wash all of your vegetables.

HerbsParsley or Thyme
Fruiting Crops – Butternut squash
Brassicas – 1/2 stalk of Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Kohlrabi
Alliums – 2-3 Onions, Garlic
Cooking Greens – bunched Chard, 2 tops of Kale
Salad Greens –bagged Lettuce, bagged Spinach
Root Crops – 2# Carrots, Beets

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