Welcome to the Angelic Organics 2012 Season! 1st Harvest Week for June 12, 13, 14 delivery

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Thanks for joining Angelic Organics for 2012. It’s looks like it will be a great season; we got into the fields very early; the crops have been growing beautifully; and the crew has been stellar.

New Farm Newsletter Policy

We’ve noticed in our blog viewing logs that Farm News readership has dwindled. This year, we will include a hard copy of our newsletter with each box. In the spirit of Community Supported Agriculture, we want our shareholders to know what’s going on at the farm, such as: what was this week’s weather? why so many tomatoes? and why is a paper version of the newsletter being published?  Community builds out of communication (note that they are very similar words). We will also publish the newsletter electronically on our blog.

If you share a box, there will still only be one newsletter provided with that box; however, if your site has a bulletin board, an acrylic holder mounted on that bulletin board will be supplied with the week’s newsletter.

Site Etiquette

Please read carefully the guidelines for Site Etiquette we are including with your box this week. The farm, your site host and your fellow shareholders will be very pleased if these guidelines are respectfully followed.

What’s in Your Box?

We’ll send an email announcing what will likely be in your box the afternoon or night before delivery. This will help some of you with your shopping plans.

Bulletin Board

Many of our hosts have offered to host bulletin boards at their sites. We’ll keep the board updated with farm news. After the 2nd delivery, we will take down the Site Etiquette pages (they take up a lot of bulletin board space) to make more room for shareholders to post information, such as shareholder services offered; community events; ride sharing to the farm for volunteering in our fields, the farm open houses, or workshops at the Angelic Organics Learning Center.

Farmer John’s Cookbook

Sadly, our farm cookbook is out of print, so we will no longer be offering it to new shareholders. Besides recipes and handling tips for all the vegetables we grow, the cookbook featured essays about Biodynamics and Community Supported Agriculture. It was crafted to be a cultural, culinary and educational resource for our farm.  We are exploring ways to host the book electronically and will let you know if that comes about. Of course, there are many resources online today for working with vegetables, learning about CSA and Biodynamics. It won’t be difficult to substantially bridge the gap left by our cookbook going out of print.


Though our cookbook was friendly and finite, making for a manageable and cozy shareholder experience, the web is almost infinite and almost omnipresent, making for an expansive and cosmopolitan shareholder experience.  For example, go to Google Recipe Search, type in the ingredients you want to work with, and you’ll have choices galore for how to proceed. We will often publish recipes from our cookbook, however, just to keep your culinary experience personal and farmy, beginning this week with Radishes and Young Turnips.


 This Week’s Box

Brassicas – Broccoli
Fruiting Crops – maybe a small Zucchini
Cooking Greens – Swiss chard
Rooting Crops – Baby Turnips
Herbs – Basil
Alliums – Scallions
Salad Greens – 3 heads Lettuce,
1/2 lb. of Arugula,
and over a lb. of Spinach

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  • Katie

    Yayy!! So excited for the first box of the season! Thanks for all your hard work our at the farm, I can’t wait to taste what you’ve been up to! 🙂

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