Timely Tillage and Pop Culture; 10th Harvest Week for Tue, Wed, & Thurs Delivery for Aug 14, 15, & 16, 2012

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Farmer John Writes . . .
Greetings from Angelic Organics

Extended Season Vegetable Shares are now available until Fri, Aug 17
Receive four more 3/4 bushel boxes of organic Biodynamic vegetables in November. The shares typically contain winter squash, cooking greens, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, onions, garlic, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, celeriac, rutabagas and beets.
2012 Extended Season Vegetable Share

  • 4-week Extended Season Vegetable Share ($120.00)
  • TWO 4-week Extended Season Vegetable Shares ($220.00)
  • Half Share Extended Season Vegetable Share (2-week)-every other week ($60.00)

We might make these shares available again in September; depending on how many we sell this week and how the crops look next month. Best to sign up now if you are interested in preparing your Thanksgiving meal from November deliveries of Angelic Organics vegetables. Send a check to Angelic Organics, 1547 Rockton Rd, Caledonia, IL 61011-9572 by FRI, Aug 17.

Crop Report
Sweet corn and melon harvest is over this week. Onions are harvested. Spring broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage were finished weeks ago. What do we do with these empty fields? We prepare them for next year. We mow, subsoil, apply compost, apply Biodynamic sprays, harrow and seed cover crops throughout August. We do the same with our currently fallow fields. This makes for more than 30 fields that we work up and seed fast, so that next year we’re growing on the most fertile, enlivened soil possible. Doing the right things on time is the key to good farming.

Many people know what the right things to do are; the trick is getting them done on time. It takes more than intention; it takes having the seed on hand, having the right equipment, the right people operating the equipment, and a long range plan in place so that we know what to do where well in advance of doing it. Then it takes doing it, on time.

Life on the Farm
My lovely wife Haidy, our engaging friend Milla who is visiting from Finland for the summer, and I are planning to take a road trip soon (not sure where to yet…maybe the Badlands). We want to travel in our Jeep pickup, like we do around the farm, but alas…we’ll travel in a more domesticated vehicle.

Milla (left) and Haidy, the farm’s frolicking Finns

I noticed when I was traveling in Europe how Europeans often know more about U.S. culture than a lot of Americans know about U.S. culture. I was admittedly one of those Americans; however, having Haidy as a wife and Milla as a summer guest has awakened me to Lady Gaga, Fiona Apple (in a live performance), Beyonce’, Tori Amos (live performance), Andrew Bird (live performance), St Vincent, and Katy Perry.

Haidy’s and Milla’s range goes beyond the U.S. Last night, we watched the astonishing film Spirited Away by Japanese writer and director Hayao Miyazaki. At the end, I exclaimed, “I didn’t know human beings were capable of such a creation.”

Daily I delightedly transition between farm dust and pop culture.

What do you think happens to things we want to say to people but don’t say?

Farmer John

Box Contents
Please Note: this summary is written before you receive your box—please be aware that some guesswork is involved. As always, be sure to thoroughly wash all of your vegetables.

Fruiting Crops – zucchini or eggplant, cucumbers, sweet corn, bagged tomatillos, tomatoes & hot peppers, heirloom tomatoes, sweet peppers, and watermelon
Cooking Greens – bagged Pac Choi
Salad Greens – lettuce
Stem crops – fennel, celery
Allium – onion
Herbs – parsley

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