Welcome To Harvest Week 14: Tue/Wed/Thurs Delivery, Sept 10, 11 & 12, 2013

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Welcome to Harvest Week 14

Shareholder Kristine Scott Schultz Writes about Our Open Houses 

Please return your Vegetable Boxes and Mesh Bags to your Delivery Site. This helps the farm out a lot.

Extra Winter Squash for Sale

We grew several extra fields of winter squash this year for wholesale markets. You can buy a 1 1/9 bu, 35 lb. box of mixed winter squash for $35 and pick it up at our open house on Saturday, Sept 21. Buy 3 or more boxes for $30 each. Just let Shelly email hidden; JavaScript is required know you’d like a box of squash or more.  Please have cash available.

Save the date Saturday, Sept 21, for our Farm Open House

About our Open Houses, from a Shareholder

July 24, 2013

[Dear Angelic Organics Farmers],

After 8-9 years of being a shareholder, the Farm Open House still continues to be a highlight in our Summer & Fall with regards to our family outings! My friend Eileen & I with our children–we each have three, a total of six–and sometimes our husbands come and thoroughly enjoy & make good use of introducing our children to farm life! They are all great eaters except when they go through periods of complaining, but by and large, if Farmer John grows it, they have to try it & often they love the veggies! However, it gives them a great thrill to take a hay ride, milk goats, catch chickens, collect eggs, try goat milk ice cream, pick flowers & beans, as well as, picking pumpkins & gourds in the fall. Again, never a disappointment! We are also so lucky to try new & fantastic recipes from other shareholders during the potluck lunch. Loved the Dinosaur slaw from a fellow shareholder which is really kale slaw. We are always in need of more kale recipes! Anyway, we just want to say we are very grateful to our enthusiastic farm crew, staff, community, our fearless leader Farmer John and lastly to Rudolph Steiner who shared with the world such a deep understanding of the natural world and then shared his knowledge with us so that we can benefit from his wisdom in order to enrich our minds, bodies, & our souls!

Also, we took home eggs which were so fantastic!! We camped at Rock Cut State Park & woke up to a farm fresh breakfast of eggs over easy, green beans, cucumbers & sausages.

Again, I mentioned to Farmer John how much I have enjoyed Thyme.com [localthyme.net]. It has been a great resource for me with regards to adding new recipes to my large repertoire!

Lastly, there was some talk about creating community at the meeting and although we come together as community at the Farm every year, there is very little interaction in our own individual communities. I would like to propose that maybe each site have a once-a-year potluck to be hosted by a member of the community. I am happy to host one for the LaGrange site. Is there any way to communicate or create a yahoo group or the like for each site? I would happily moderate a group like this for LaGrange, since I moderate another group locally, but suppose I would need the shareholders emails for the LaGrange Area to see if there is interest. Let me know your thoughts. 

Thanks again!

Take good care,

Kristine Scott Schultz

Farmer John’s Reply: Thank you, Kristine, for your lovely account of our farm open houses. About building community around delivery sites: what a great impulse! We’ve been discussing how to help make this happen for years.

Staring Contest

Staring Contest

Open House Schedule, Saturday, Sept 21

10 am: Catch critters and creatures from Kinnikinnick Creek on a creek walk with AOLC’s Katie Townsend. We’ll meet at the entrance to the 70 acres, across the road from the farm. Bring change of clothes and water shoes or boots! Children must be accompanied by a parent.

11: Begin check-in at main barn; dish drop-off; hayrides to the pumpkin patch; forage in the U-Pick garden, where lots of flowers are in bloom; cello music in the farmyard by shareholder Patti Garvey (Please bring a dish large enough to serve at least 10 people.)

12:30 pm: Lunch

1:30: Cello Performance by Patti Garvey, followed by CSA meeting. 

Bring your imagination and your pumpkin over to the Learning Center for pumpkin painting and veggie sculptures at the Learning Center. Bring home your brilliant farm art! (Your hayride pumpkin is the pumpkin you will paint.)

3: Hayride back to the pumpkin patch for those who missed the morning hayrides. Forage in the U-Pick garden, where lots of beautiful flowers are waiting to adorn your home.

After the Open House, you’re welcome to stay for a sunset session of yoga and meditation from 4pm-7pm. Cost is $20 and beginners are welcome. Meet at the Learning Center’s gathering space and bring your yoga mat.

Pick any size pumpkin in our Pumpkin Patch

Pick any size pumpkin in our Pumpkin Patch

Are you a Gmail user? 

Here’s a heads-up about Gmail’s new feature of automatically filtering your email messages for you. Messages we send to you through Gmail are probably being marked as “Promotions” and will automatically skip your inbox — even when we send you original, content filled articles or information about our farm and your shares. That means that you won’t see any email from us in your main inbox UNLESS you adjust your Gmail settings! It is super easy to make sure that emails we send don’t get missed. Drag one of our emails that you find in the “Promotions” tab to the “Primary” tab. Or right click on one of the messages and request that it be moved to the Primary tab. Then make sure you click “Yes” when the alert pops up. Done!

The Weather This Past Week

Hot, often in the low 90’s–trying to make up for the cool summer. We’ve been irrigating.

The Crops

Tomatoes came on fast and are now almost gone. Much of our winter squash is ripe. We’ve started harvesting potatoes. Beautiful fall lettuce will soon be in your box.

Last of our regular tomatoes. A few heirloom tomatoes remain. Photo by Karla Canela

Last of our regular tomatoes. A few heirloom tomatoes remain. Photo by Karla Canela

The Casique brothers get the winter squash harvest underway.  Photo by Karla Canela

The Casique brothers get the winter squash harvest underway. Photo by Karla Canela

 The Crew

With gusto, the crew works hard, day after day. They are physically astonishing in this era of deskwork, banking, consulting, and technologizing. 

Araceli and crew leader Victor make important points with their carrots. Photo by Karla Canela

Araceli and crew leader Victor make important points with their carrots. Photo by Karla Canela

Upcoming at the Angelic Organics Learning Center

The Learning Center’s Animal Day For Families program is so popular that they added another to their fall calendar! On Saturday, October 12th from 10 AM to 3 PM, you are invited to bring your family out to the farm for a day of hands-on experiences with the animals. Help the crew milk the goats, feed the horses, and gather eggs from the chickens. See how you can produce soil from kitchen scraps with worm boxes. Make goat’s milk ice cream and bring a sack lunch to eat under the trees near our timber frame barn. Please register for each family member age 3 and up. To register, visit http://www.learngrowconnect.org.


Box Contents

Please Note: this summary is written before you receive your box—please be aware that some guesswork is involved. As always, be sure to thoroughly wash all of your vegetables.

Fruiting Crops – Acorn Squash, Heirloom Tomato, Hot Peppers

Alliums – Storage Onions, Leeks

Root Crops – Potatoes

Cooking Greens –Kale

Brassicas – Broccoli

Herb – Anise Hysop, Basil

Click here to see what’s available in the U-Pick

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