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If You Haven’t Yet Signed up for Your 2022 CSA Share

The growing season will soon be upon us. 

If you aren’t already on board for 2022, join us by signing up here. Be sure to log in to your membership account if you were a shareholder with us in 2021.

Update on our Shareholder Directory

Amanda, Nathan, Haidy and I have all been working towards launching the Angelic Organics Shareholder Directory. I wrote about the upcoming directory in my last issue of Farm News, and mentioned the holiday as an intended launch time. Some of what is in this issue of Farm News is somewhat redundant with the last edition, but I want to make sure you get familiar with the overall picture, before the launch.

Victor is getting us ready to grow

It turns out that the back end of this directory, the part the four of us have been working on, is more labyrinthian than we realized, hence more daunting. We have even hired a consultant, Luana, from the company that offers the platform for the directory ( She is fabulous and has saved us many hours by helping us to better fathom and distinguish the extensive directory features and by helping us to gradually get it ready to launch.

All of this work on our part is intended to make it simple for you to set up your directory profile and to actually use the directory. The more confusion we wade through now, the more easy it will be for you later to join and use the directory—at least that’s our theory.

You might be a person who is thinking right now how can it be that hard? You might be thinking can’t they just publish a paper directory like they did in 1995?

We think it’s better to have a directory that keeps with the times and that doesn’t clutter your curated refrigerator door. We also think that you will agree with us once you join the directory and start to use it.

Today, I simply want to offer you an additional  overview of the directory, now that we are more familiar with it. The directory will offer two types of profiles for you to create: a business profile and a social profile. You can create one or both, and more than one of each. 

I am just offering the broad strokes here. I know that without you having the directory on your screen now to explore and work with, some of this might seem too abstract, but I think it’s important to background you further in this overview.

The Business Listing

The business profile is for our shareholders who own or partially own a business. We are hosting the directory especially to support our shareholders who are entrepreneurial. It’s not for non-profit organizations, such as hospitals or schools, since one cannot own or partially own a non-profit. (A shareholder pastor or rabbi could post their place of worship in the social directory, since they don’t own their place of worship but are affiliated with it.) If you work for Target, no business listing. However, if you are an insurance agent, who has your own agency, you would qualify for a business listing. We know these distinctions can seem a little complicated, but again, the business side of the directory is intended to support our entrepreneurial shareholders.

The business directory will have all sorts of ways for our shareholders who are enrolled in the directory to find and contact the businesses they need. Shareholders will have numerous ways to feature their businesses. 

A shareholder business owner (or partial owner) will select a category for the business, and sub-categories that represent the business. The directory will have about 20 main categories to choose from, and well over 100 sub-categories. It was great fun for us to come up with the sub-categories, which range from puppeteering to mural painting to voice overs to car detailing to dog walking. I’m sure we missed a few.

If a spouse or partner of the main shareholder wants to make a business profile–fine.

If someone who shares a share (funnily known as a piggybacker) wants to create business profile—fine.

If you have more than one business, there will be a way to enter that in the directory.

These business profiles will be offered for free for the first 6 months. If the directory drives good business to our shareholders, we will likely implement a small fee for the service. 

Only current shareholders who are members of the directory can access the directory and its business and social listings.

The Social Listing

This part of the directory is for shareholders who would like to learn about fellow shareholders and perhaps choose to interact with them. Most of the profile details in the social profile are optional, so that shareholders can be as private or as disclosed as they choose. Some of the optional details that can be posted in a social profile are school affiliation, hobbies, volunteer activities, address, phone number, etc. The more shareholders share about themselves, the more connections with fellow shareholders might be formed. And of course, creating a social profile is optional; no one will be listed in the directory who does not choose to create a profile.

The social directory is completely closed to the people who are not enrolled in the directory; it will not be available for interacting or viewing to non-members of the directory.

If a spouse or partner and children 13 years or older of the main shareholder want to create social profiles—fine. 

If someone who shares a share (a piggybacker) or spouse or partner and children 13 years or older want to create social profiles—fine. 

The social listing is free. I just want our wonderful shareholders to get to know one another better and to build shareholder community wherever they are.

In Moderation

The directory will be moderated. Inflammatory and contentious posts will not be allowed. The directory is intended to be a place where people can come together out of shared interests and respect. 

we love the seasons

Launch Date?

We’ll probably launch this month. We are extremely busy with a host of other farm tasks, preparing for the upcoming season. The directory is a priority, but so are many other things here priorities. 

I am very excited about this directory, so I keep moving it along, no matter how busy I am with other things.

Farmer John

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  • Dr. Silvia

    I think the shareholder directory is a fantastic idea! A network of people who share the love for good food grown in healthy soils!

    • Farmer John

      Garlicescape…what a cool name! Nice to hear from you, Dr. Silvia. Will launch the directory soon.

  • Diana

    Thank you, Farmer John and all of AO’s wonderful supporting cast. The Directory as you explained it sounds great. I also wanted to take the opportunity to say how much we appreciated our 2021 share, especially the potatoes!!! Grand job all!

    • Farmer John

      Potatoes–My mother had this saying, “People like potatoes.” It was short and to the point. I almost named a long short story I wrote “People Like Potatoes.” Thank you for your nice comments.

  • Katie Collins

    Hooray for directories and getting to know our neighbors in 2022! Super excited for this and grateful for all of you!

    • Farmer John

      Hi, Katie. I’m glad you like the directory idea. It goes with your lovely social impulses.

  • T Doehrer

    Looking forward to more info on how to get our business listed!
    I think this directory is potentially a great way to build community.

    • Farmer John

      Terrence, Nice to hear from you. Sometimes when we are working on the directory, I visualize how it might support you and your fabulous music.

  • Terran Doehrer

    Hello John,
    Thank you for such kind words! All the great biodynamic food you bring forth certainly helps keep us in the world playing. (smile!)
    –Terran and Jutta

    • Farmer John

      Terran, I hope that calling you Terrance below was not a blow. Thanks for your thanks.

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