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Harvest Week 13, September 26th – October 1st, 2022

Fall Field Day for Shareholders on Saturday, October 1st

We will be hosting our Fall Field Day for shareholders on Saturday, October 1st. We suggest that you arrive at 10 am to be able to experience all that we have planned. For details and a full schedule, go to


Many of the pumpkins are turning orange, so the shareholders who come to the Field Day will have pumpkins and gourds to take home. (Some of the gourds might be a little under ripe.)

in keeping with the season


Make sure to pick a bouquet from our U-Pick garden. It is sporting the brightest array of flowers ever.

Flowers in the U-Pick garden


Also, we’ll have some potato digging close to the farmstead, unearthing earthly treasures.

Balkan Barn Dancing & Concert with Shareholders Jutta & the Hi-Dukes

These eclectic Evanston-based troubadours of ethnic music are bringing their unique program to our Field Day on Saturday, October 1st.

The trio will do a concert set in the morning, around 11:45 am on our exciting new stage, and then more in the afternoon, capping the day off by getting everyone doing the fun traditional line and circle dances that go with their delightful, energetic music. Everyone can participate as the band will lead you through the simple steps! 

(Farmer John’s Note: We may have a logistical challenge making sure everyone gets their pumpkins and that everyone has a grand experience of the Hi Dukes. We will do our best. Come at 10 if you want to be in on the full range of events.)

The band’s amazing repertoire contains everything from medieval Danish songs to Danubian dance grooves. They paint powerful pictures in their own colorful way on mandolin, Bulgarian flute, guitar, and percussion accompanied by one to three singing voices. Wolves and rabbits, ravens and nightingales all abound in this magical tour of world music that includes Balkan, Gypsy / Roma, Klezmer, and Greek music.

The family group tours internationally and their ever-changing spectrum of sound transports souls of all ages across cultural borders. Terry Loncaric, an Illinois entertainment writer and poet, wrote, “Their artistry and sense of musical history is infused in their delicious tracks. I like [their] intelligent approach to music as well as the old world flavor of what [they] do.”

If you have not yet experienced this group, make sure to catch them here to find out why a music reviewer wrote “[Their] music is exciting and listeners will find it hard to keep from leaping up to dance” and why Earwig Music Company’s Michael Frank decided to sign them as his Blues label’s first world music act saying, “I imagine you will find Jutta & the Hi-Dukes as exciting as I do!”

Terran, Zoï & Jutta of Jutta & The Hi-Dukes

Find out more at:

~ Mostly written by Hi-Duke Terran Doehrer

Contributions are welcome to help cover the cost of the entertainment.

Shareholder Comments

It’s nice to see Terran’s writing above, so I decided to include a sampling of other shareholders’ communications with the farm:

Shareholder Comment about “Farmer John Writes: Good and Bad

” ‘Give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees, please.’

I can’t imagine asking, let alone, demanding a refund for imperfect produce?? Or because *I* failed to pickup??

This reasonable (hopefully non-entitled) shareholder says: keep growing what the earth provides and helping us enjoy it. We love what you do and we love our produce, blemishes and imperfections and all!” 

~ David

Shareholder Comment about “Farmer John Writes: Good and Bad”

“Farmer John et al, 

Totally in agreement with John Quintana and also your hard line and rewrite of the shareholder agreement….in awe that folks make these bizarre requests and probably more indicative of the antagonistic politics of the day rather than a reflection of your good & honest farming!

BTW, I’m constantly astounded at the breadth and quality of your produce, and your inimitable perseverance in the face of fickle weather, broken equipment and demanding shareholders!!!


~ Nicole

Shareholder Comment about “Farmer John Writes: Good and Bad”

“My husband and I are enjoying our vegetables! Thank you! Every time I read your newsletter, I am amazed by how much more complex it is than what I had realized to get the vegetables shipped to us (every other week in my case)! It is truly a gift that you let us customize the boxes and I look forward to my veggie box each week! THANK YOU very much!”

~ K

Shareholder comment on post: “Farmer John Writes: Two Home Farms

“Great read!! and didn’t know this about Charles or Al!!

Loved reading this tho on my behalf.  My family are early American farmers from Indiana.  I’m in Chicago roughing it out with a career in sculpture & arts education…but aching to get a small farm & retire so I can garden & can like my Grandma taught me to revere!!

Thank you for sharing yourself with us.” 

~ Nicole

Shareholder comment on post “Farmer John Writes: Can You Hide a Mistake?

“Mistakes will be made, make no mistake.”

~ Liza

This Guy and I Should Form a Partnership

The CEO of Corn

say farewell to this season’s corn

As the Corn Season Winds Down, Feelings Rise Up


I hope to see you at the farm on October 1st.

Farmer John

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