Evanston South on Washington Pickup Information

Site Host

Cheryl and Clay HenleyShareholder since: 1997Site host since: 1997

Site Host Contact Information

Preferred Way to Contact: Call 847-869-0250 or Text 773 677 5472Secondary Way to Contact: Knock on my door or ring my doorbell

Site Address & Link to Map

1203 Washington St. - Evanston, IL 60202

Pickup Day


Pickup Hours

2:15 pm - 8 pm

Can I Pick Up My Box After Hours in Exceptional Circumstances?

Yes. However, please do your best to honor the opening and closing times of the site. Call before 8 pm if you need to arrange for alternate pick up. We do not hold boxes unless by special request.

How to Have the Best Shareholder Experience

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Directions To Your Site

Washington is an eastbound one-way street one block south of Main Street, between Asbury Avenue and Ridge Street. The house is located on the north side of the street (right across from the Pope John XXIII school).

Please park on the street. (Never access from the alley.)

Where To Find Your Box

Come in the gate on the right side (east side) of the house. After entering through the gate to the backyard, be sure to close the gate behind you. Your box will be located in the garage; generally there is a sign on the door. Walk through the yard to the garage where you’ll see a walk-in door on the east side of the garage. Please be sure to close all doors and gates when you leave.

Where to Return Your Recycled, Flattened Vegetable Box

Return your empty, flattened box to the PVC box storage bin which will be below the garage windows.

Special Requests From Your Site Host

Please ring the bell if you have any questions. Never dump boxes over the fence.

Be A Good Neighbor

  • Be sure to find the vegetable share labeled with your name. If you are signed up for a fruit share, your fruit share is also labeled by name.
  • If someone else will be picking up your share(s) for you, please remind them to take only the share(s) labeled with your name.
  • Be sure to flatten your empty vegetable box and stack it in the designated location for recycling.
  • Please recycle fruit boxes on your own; do not return them to your pickup site.
  • Your site host is providing a very generous contribution to your community and to the farm by making this site available. Please make an extra effort to help keep this site clean and tidy.

Thank you!

Site Host Profile

The Henley Family have been strong supporters of local organic farming for many years. We appreciate connecting like-minded people in our area to local organic fresh food sources, creating a mutally supportive connection between organic farmers and this community. Cheryl is a long time Hatha Yoga student and certified Iyengar Tradition Yoga Instructor, plus an avid gardener. Clay is a retired Financial Consultant and 5 Rhythms Dance Teacher. Our son Keven is a graduate of The University of Puget Sound.

We are longtime parents of The Chicago Waldorf School. Our son Keven was in the first Parent Child Class with Cheryl in September 1994 when he was 8 months old. Both parents were dedicated volunteers during Keven’s 18 years in the school. He graduated in 2012 from the 12th grade. Cheryl continues to volunteer as a HS Parent Ambassador supporting new CWHS families and during CWS Tours Orientations. Cheryl also volunteers with Gardening/Handwork teacher Patricia Holdrege and the 3rd grade in the OG Ruby Garden once a week during growing season.