Farm on Wednesday Free Choice Pickup Information

Site Host

Farmer John and Angelic Organics Farm

Site Host Contact Information

Preferred Way to Contact: Email [email protected]

Site Address & Link to Map

1547 Rockton Road - Caledonia, IL 61011

Pickup Day


Pickup Hours

1:30 pm - 3 pm

Can I Pick Up My Box After Hours in Exceptional Circumstances?

No Worries. If you don’t show up to pack your own box, the crew will create a standard box for you and you can pick it up from the south cooler (cooler #5 between the two barns) after 4 p.m. on Wednesday, or on Thursday until noon. Your box will stay fresh and cool as it awaits your arrival.

How to Have the Best Shareholder Experience

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Directions To Your Site

From I-90: Exit Rockton Road and go east. Pass through 3 stop signs. After the 3rd stop sign (Free Church Road), continue a half-mile on Rockton Road to the second farm on the right.

The farm sits back in a field a quarter of a mile. You’ll see white buildings with red roofs (and orange buildings with green roofs). If you reach a curve in Rockton Rd, you’ve gone a half-mile too far.

Where To Find Your Box

Drive down the long driveway to the farm and then take the first right before you get to the actual farmstead. Drive on this service drive until you are across from the two big barns. Park off to the side of the drive and walk to the area south of the smaller barn, where you will find the pack under way.

A person will help you in the Free Choice selection process for the first few pickups, until you become familiar with the program. (If you are a shareholder from another site who chooses Free Choice for a day later in the season, we will make sure someone helps you with the process.)

Free choice means that, with a few limitations, you can pick any assortment of vegetables off of our line until your ¾ bushel box is full. Love broccoli? Fill your box with broccoli. In the mood for kale, cucumbers and lettuce? Fill your box with kale, cucumbers and lettuce.


We’ll limit the amount of garlic, herb bunches, maybe heirloom tomatoes, and perhaps a few other items that are in tight supply that week. Generally, at least for the first few weeks as we test our program, you’ll be able to fill your box with just about any combination of any vegetables on our line until your box is full.

If we find that it’s too difficult to manage this almost full-blown Free Choice program, you’ll still be able to choose what you want in multiple, but more limited, quantities. For instance, we might find that we need to limit the broccoli amount you can take to 3 heads, or the number of cucumbers to 6 or 10…

We are Super Excited about the Free Choice Program

We want you to receive the vegetables and herbs that you want and to not receive what you don’t want. One of the downsides of our current CSA program is that shareholders sometimes receive things they don’t want. They might prepare these items and try to learn to enjoy them; they might offload them to a friend; or they might just toss them (and feel guilty.) Now you can go home from the farm with a box filled with your favorites.

Where to Return Your Recycled, Flattened Vegetable Box

Please return your empty, flattened box to the PVC box storage bin.

Be A Good Neighbor

  • Be sure to find the vegetable share labeled with your name. If you are signed up for a fruit share, your fruit share is also labeled by name.
  • If someone else will be picking up your share(s) for you, please remind them to take only the share(s) labeled with your name.
  • Be sure to flatten your empty vegetable box and stack it in the designated location for recycling.
  • Please recycle fruit boxes on your own; do not return them to your pickup site.
  • Your site host is providing a very generous contribution to your community and to the farm by making this site available. Please make an extra effort to help keep this site clean and tidy.

Thank you!