Logan Square Pickup Information

Site Host

Vicki WaldenSite host since: 2007

Site Host Contact Information

Preferred Way to Contact: Email [email protected]Secondary Way to Contact: Call 312-350-0466

Site Address & Link to Map

2507 N. St. Louis - Chicago, IL 60647

Pickup Day


Pickup Hours

8:30 am - 6 pm

Can I Pick Up My Box After Hours in Exceptional Circumstances?

Yes. Any unclaimed boxes as of 6 pm on Saturday evening will be donated unless prior arrangements have been made with the host.

Photo of Your Site

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Directions To Your Site

St. Louis is a one way street heading north.

From Fullerton: 2 blocks west of Kimball, head north. This site is located just over a block from Fullerton on the east side of the street.

Where To Find Your Box

Your box will be in a walkway between the location, a cream-colored house and the neighbor’s green house to the right (when looking from the street), and behind a tan wooden gate with red trim.

The gate is always unlocked (be sure to close it when you leave).

Where to Return Your Recycled, Flattened Vegetable Box

Return your empty, flattened box to the PVC box storage bin. The bin should be located beneath the bay window on the stone.

Special Requests From Your Site Host

Please wear masks and  pick up one at a time. Wait outside the gate if someone is already there.

Please be careful not to step on the neighbor’s downspout, which runs along the right-hand side of the sidewalk leading up to the gate.

Please also be mindful of the flowers.

Feel free to talk and be social in the front yard only (voices carry once beyond the gate), and please no pets beyond the gate (host’s allergies, etc).

Be A Good Neighbor

  • Be sure to find the vegetable share labeled with your name. If you are signed up for a fruit share, your fruit share is also labeled by name.
  • If someone else will be picking up your share(s) for you, please remind them to take only the share(s) labeled with your name.
  • Be sure to flatten your empty vegetable box and stack it in the designated location for recycling.
  • Please recycle fruit boxes on your own; do not return them to your pickup site.
  • Your site host is providing a very generous contribution to your community and to the farm by making this site available. Please make an extra effort to help keep this site clean and tidy.

Thank you!